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And thus we are given some insight into the Suizahn family and the behavior of Angels as Kieri reflects on what she's been taught and what she's experienced. Her father is missing his right arm from a battle with a Demon, her brother doesn't find it important to communicate with Medians, and her mother is strict about Kieri knowing how to murder. What an uplifting group!

Please remember that 15 years of conditioning is hard to erase when considering Kieri's feelings, especially when she feels betrayed by the people she befriended relatively recently.

Regarding the art, I like it when I get to do a flashback like this. I'm able to do a different style, and it's usually a lot faster and easier to finish.

Slightly Damned
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Ironically enough, Kieri learning Lingo was much more practical than what her brother believed (granted they did not exactly plan to go to Median but you get the idea). As for Kieri's brother believing that Medians are barely better than demons, I can imagine him being very disrespectful or even antagonistic to Medians and getting himself into trouble as a result. Speaking about the brother, what exactly happened to him, the third angel, and the "formerly dead" Median?
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Wow, well looks like I got more insight in this story.
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I love your flashback style, Chu. :)
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No wonder she's so conflicted :<
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Oh, poor snowy. D:
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poor kieri....
now i understand why she acts like she does :/
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
now we understand her a bit more...
poor girl...
Her expressions throughout this strip are great!
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Your flashback style does look a little easier. I was a little confused, thinking I missed a page, but I'm all caught up now! (I'm an idiot!!)
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I was too. I was like "Wait a second...I fell as though I missed something important" it was strange
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So her brother's a jerk and her mom is prick... Nice family. :|
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Man what a tough life poor kieri :<
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ErikMcClureHobbyist Photographer
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
Probably doesn't help anything that her father lost his arm because of a fire Demon, and Buwaro is a fire Demon...

Return of the Bunny! XD While I do feel sorry for poor Kieri, I can't help but smile at her bunny form (even if it is a curse...) I guess I just like bunnies. xD
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Yes, I also like the format you use for flashbacks :)
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XterminationHobbyist Digital Artist
Kieri with her white snowy hair!
she looks much cyooter w/ it
and awwww :<
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Her family is mean...
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Wow, angels are real dicks!
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This is exactly why i hate traditions. They always seem to oppose individuality. What's wrong with doing something different then everyone else?
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Jerk. We, mortal even if we are barely better than demon. We are at least far better than some self-righteous arrogant murderous angels I could name. Also now I understand why Keiri did not understand what pimp meant, jerk of a brother.
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaaaaaaaaa more flashback
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She's in her bunny form?
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Yay, bunny time! But crying bunny will break my heart. :/ Lol.

And yah. I liked these flashbacks an dreams always aswell. It helps to understand the characters and adds a nice zest to the comic because it's something different, once in a while.
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