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Look, it's Buwaro, unhatched from his creepy Demon egg thing. I predict that most people's guesses for why the kids screamed will be dead wrong. In this case, it's probably better to keep your predictions to yourself and quietly look forward to the next page, because you're probably wrong!

Oh so wrong.

But don't worry, the next page will be exciting!

Slightly Damned
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One word.

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I love the second panal so much.

With claws like that i know why Iratu went for cissors, i bet he looses every game of RPS they play.

Iratu: Aww man how come i alway loose to you? I Alway beat Darius...
Sakkido: That's because he lets you win.
Iratu: Darius?
Darius: Um well... I guess i just have poor luck?
Iratu: See he doesn't let me win...
Darius: :phew:
Iratu: .. He just sinks at this game
Darius: :roll:
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That's exactly how that conversation would go. XD hahaha
MaddeningTruth's avatar
Darius does seem the type to payfor being the good guy poor fella.
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Arrrggggg!!!!! why must you make us wait?!?! :shakefist:
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I knew it!
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XD "best 2 outta three? plz?"
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Sweet! =3
*tension rises* ^^
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The suspense is numbing.
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cliffhangers are awesome *thumbs up*
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JustCallMeSirusHobbyist General Artist
They uh... discovered a fantastic shoe sale?
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
I wonder how his egg got to be there 8B
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thatrevmansHobbyist General Artist
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Oh man I wonder what happens next DANG THE SUSPENCE! >.<
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It will have popped all over them. B: That's my guess at least.

... wow I never thought we'd see Buwaro as young as... UNHATCHED.
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
I guess they screamed because he turned out to be the one that killed the tooth fairy! o.=.O
MetroidBob's avatar
They're surprised how just how cute Buwaro is, is my guess.
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please tell me that thing isnt gonna blow up when they touch it and it reads " iratu got.... DA DA DA DAAAAAA BAby Buwaro!" please please tell me that wont happen.-_-
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Gah! Gotta comment finally. This is getting WAY too good! I'm absolutely loving this part of the story.
I really want to see what happens next. Very weird an unhatched egg is just sitting there.

Now that one wallpaper you have on your site makes sense to me. Demons have such cool eggs in your version.
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Heyyy, I'm glad to know you're still reading! :D I'm happy you like this part of the story. And very observant of you to notice how an egg all by itself is kind of suspicious...
Yark-Wark's avatar
I stay very up-to-date, Raizy. Just a quiet reader.
I dunno why, but I'm really getting into this arc. I guess cause it's backstory so you're learning much more on what happened in the past.

Yeah, the egg by itself is really weird. Even with a war going on, someone had to have seen it...I think.
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my question is how do you lay an egg that big of prportion?
raizy's avatar
Simple. It started small and grew after it was laid. It's not like a bird's egg.
Waluarigio's avatar
but doesnt it need nutrition from the mothers womb?
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