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Slightly Damned 270

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Surprise! Lazuli is alive! Did you know it's been 73 pages since she last showed up in the comic?

Not much to say about this page since it's pretty simple. J's hand looks a little funny and I'm not entirely happy with the background in panel 3, but that's about it. I'll probably do another page this weekend; one that doesn't consist of walls of text.

Slightly Damned
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Not Lazuli!

Why do only the good characters die the first time people try to kill them?!
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If it makes you feel any better, I'll tell you right now that Talus is dead.
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Yay! That was gonna be my next question.

Can't wait to see what happens next.
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
time for some REVENGE
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good god why is she so persistent?
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sivrelHobbyist Writer
Two word... angry demon.
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teh-silver-wolfehStudent General Artist
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YAY! LAZULI! Or it could be his twin brother or sister Lapis!
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HexorIcarosStudent General Artist
Erm... I don't quite remember who is that >_> I am going to have to read the whole comics back again, eventually.

But in the third square, you forgot the "say" in "They say the monster was 5 feet tall[...]". So yeah. Just thought I's point that out.
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Lazuli is one of the two Demons that kidnapped Kieri and made her unable to speak. She and the other Demon, Talus, were last seen sinking to the bottom of an icy lake after a fight with Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri.

As for the typo, some other people pointed that out, too. Gonna have to fix that.
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HexorIcarosStudent General Artist
*Just thought I'd point that out
I's was dumb -,-
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I had a feeling Lazuli was still alive. I didn't think that one cut would be enough to take her down...
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Thank you so very much for bringing back Lazuli.
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... oh shit is right..
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She's baaaaaaaaaaaack!
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XzontarHobbyist Digital Artist
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sivrelHobbyist Writer
BAAAAADDDD JUJU! Anyway that was a nice surprise to add.
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Oh...my...god SHE'S BACK *screams*
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sivrelHobbyist Writer
And apparently she ain't too happy either.
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sivrelHobbyist Writer
Then again all things considered it's understandable.
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