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I had the audacity to attempt a real background in this page, so it took me longer to get done than usual. Still, I should have started working on the page earlier. Oh well!

Yeah, Samantha's Aunt Miranda is supposed to be pregnant. I hope I didn't draw her too badly.

Slightly Damned
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Wow Rhea is definitly going to hell for what she's doing to Kieri xD
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Aunt Miranda's action makes you wonder just how many weird things happen to them.
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You did a good job on this. =) I think you'll do fine with backgrounds. Just gotta keep practicing!
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I love how the fairies are totally like D8 when Samantha takes off the hat
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Haha, so true. XD

Also Rhea looks so ebil in the first frame. >B
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XDDDD Lolworthy.
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enistojaHobbyist General Artist
Good job with Miranda, and the background looks great! :3
Never a dull day with your comic either X3
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Trust me, I know my pregnant drawings. You did great!
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masamunemaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
The perspective in and of the wagon is a bit jarring - but yeah, everything else looks great. And lol potions.
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That is probably ture.
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I mean about the dull family. Don't worry, she looks pregnant.
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JHTriuneHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a crazy wicked sense that she kind of reminds me of Esmeralda from the Hunchback *disney version of course!
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OOOH She's pregnant! that makes more sense XD
I thought she was really fat from sitting in that wagon all her life :P
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Yes, she is very pregnant. I would guess that Samantha's actual relation is to her Uncle from the number of differences between those two.

Backgrounds take lots of practice, fo sho. The very colorful panel fills you tend to do very well, so there's nothing missing without super detailed/perspective backgrounds. Do them at your leisure. :3
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OceloreanHobbyist Writer
I think you did fine drawing Miranda. I could certainly tell she was pregnant, at any rate. Though, all that purple makes me think of espeon... but that's just me being weird. ^^;
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If we're talking Pokemon, then my Mismagius in Pearl is named Miranda. |D
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It's obvious that it was intended, btw.
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OceloreanHobbyist Writer
Heh... Now that you mention it, she does seem a little more like a mismagius than an espeon. I just have a natural bias to think espeon since it's my favorite pokemon.
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