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Slightly Damned 251

By raizy
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Not my best artwork in this page, but I guess it's decent. Some of you may recognize that girl as the girl on the Human Information page on the Slightly Damned website. Go check it out if you haven't- you can see how my art and her design has changed over the years. The fact that I drew her back in 2006 shows you just how far ahead I plan this comic's story.

But what is she stealing? Stay tuned next week to find out! Dun dun dun...

Slightly Damned
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man what a way to spoil the moment cause I know what you ywo were going to do
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Red-009Student Photographer
ahh, thats where ileft off on your website, is that the newist one?
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Wow, she sounds like a super hero!

I'll stop them! With my, "LAZER VISION!!!!!

Heh heh ^^ good job as always
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It's the ashes! They're in a new urn!
sacalow's avatar
that MUST be what it is- since buwaro and kieri didn't want it the old lady gave them to her, but kept the cool urn
n00byneko's avatar
Because the urn was, in fact, really that cool.
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yea, either that or she stole it from link and it's empty
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XD you know from the angle it looks like Buwaro is coping a feel there. Ah, Buwaro you checky demon you.
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I wonder what people would say if he was still wearing his pimp suit.
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C. Jack Sparrow: Come to negotiate eh ya slimy git? Lookit this! I've got a Jar of Dirt, I've got a Jar of Dirt, And guess whats inside it!

XD This is good ^^
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Just something I noticed, and sorry to be a nitpicker; but on the info page, she had either a bell or a tassel at the end of her hat that is missing here. It's probably not important, but if I don't say it, someone else will.
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You're not one for reading descriptions, are you? I specifically said that "her design has changed over the years." The one on the info page is two years old and I'm too busy to go change it now.
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I wonder what she stole too! ^^
I hope it's the latest copy of Final Fantasy Crisis Core... else it's not worth it! :D
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Drakomagus Traditional Artist
Oooh, I'm all....excited now!
Love the first and the third panel, they are so fit for eachother x3
Dark-Mightyena's avatar
Love the first panel XD
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
I have been waiting ALL DAY for this comic

ilu <3
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she's got a jar of dirt~ she's got a jar of diirt *shot*

looks like things are moving quietly but quickly for the two xD considering buwaro isn't too stupid/innocent to catch on.
I like the first three panels, and the last one too. it felt very dynamic :3 *Naturally votes for you comic*
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
Well, whoever is chasing her isn't human or angel, that's for sure.
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
The first thing I thought of was the jar of dirt from Pirates |3; don't kill me
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They're not supposed to know it contains the heart of an legendary pirate sssh
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The heading and border are a brown rather than black. Any reason why?
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Just a mistake. It can be hard to tell the difference between colors if my laptop's screen is at a certain angle; I'll fix it soon.
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:XD: They're holding hands~.
=o.o= Mmm~. I feel bad for that girl~.
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