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And so Kieri and Buwaro meet Obvious Man, the man who can see the obvious! Don't forget him, he's important.
Also, my dog Rusty cameos in the last panel as a badly-drawn Australian Shepherd. Why? Because I could. |D

Slightly Damned
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crossfireindonesiaStudent Traditional Artist
Raizy,I saw a mistake in last panel. :)
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TempestSummersHobbyist General Artist
Austrailian Shepards are the best dogs EVER.
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Ahah- "I have a shiny button and everything!"

That made me lol. xD
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I love when Kieri defends Buwaro, I can almost see Her sliding in.
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Obvious Man seems like the kind of guy who stands on the street with a sign saying "THE END IS NIGH!" and that sort of thing.

"The world is ending! Angels and Demons are working together! I saw them!"
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Oh yeah it seems that there is an error with OM's right hand. The thumb seems to be drawn thinking about the back of the hand but then you've added a curve to show the palm.
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A thought has just occured to me, that if cross-species breeding was capable (I typed "if" in the regards that Raizy has on multiple occassions stated that, "It is really, really, really, really, really, really, really unlikely." that the species would crossbreed) However I digress, if Keiri and Buwaro were to indeed crossbreed, would their offspring be more animalistic, see i.e. horns, fur, fangs, claws, et cetera, or would they be human in nature, see humaniod teeth, and a lack of natural offensive defenses, o.k.a. (otherwise known as) fangs and claws? I would like to apologize to Raizy before I submit this because the comments that are sure to follow, my bad.
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Whelp there we go.
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Now, before I get spamed with people bitching about keiri not being human, I used it in the terms that save for the wings, which are not natural, and her actually being an angel, she is for all intents and purposes a human.
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
That dog is huge
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You have obviously never seen a full grown golden retriever. They can be considered mini horses.
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ooooo~ yay foreshadowing!
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Ah shit y'all Keiri bout to whup sum ass! (TRANSFORMER SOUND EFFECT) Keiri ass kick mode.
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Whoa how did he know O_O hmm I wonder :/
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PirateGirl-TetraProfessional Digital Artist
My thought in the first panel: '....Don Tigre!?'
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Raephire Writer
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That Fire demon, what was his name again? It started with 'A'
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THAT"S IT!! Thank you; that has been bugging me to no end.
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I honestly don't think a demon under any circumstances would ever say, "Sweet Mother Gaia!" I think if he were to do it he would spontaniously combust or something to that effect.
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Drakomagus Traditional Artist
Nice dog you got lol x3
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
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And finaly someone who can see the obvious! And they know magic!

Awsome work.
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