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I had been looking forward to doing this page for a while since it was so goofy. Don't worry, the plot will start progressing in the next page. |D The joke about the urn is courtesy of my friend Tucker, the same guy who wrote Sakido's poems.

Slightly Damned
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Best page so far. God, I love the joke on adventure RPGs. Also, I'm a huge Phoenix Wright fan so I damn near fell out of my chair laughing when they got "The Thinker" from a Jakkai version of Larry Butz.

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WAHAHAHA XD larry butz and the thinker statue oh lord my love for your comics elevated to a whole new levil
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Ha Ha Larry Butz Jakkai :D
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hollywood16Student General Artist
Wow, I was just going through reading this stuff and I realized that I know a Larry butz, would you by any chance happen to live in colombus
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was that jakkai dude with the bloody statue another reference? 'cause I don't recognize it...
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It's a reference to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
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... never played....
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PirateGirl-TetraProfessional Digital Artist

That made me laugh. So much. xD
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Link AND Princess Daisy?
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Oh damn, I wasn't even thinking about that. |D
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KageSoraHobbyist General Artist
LOL, cameo by Link!
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nice zelda refrence!!^.^ maade me laugh
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yeah i like link! (the game not the person!)
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Has Slightly Damned ever referenced, much less cameo'd, any other series? Cuz if so I don't remember.

But anywho, pretty funny, if a bit overused.
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There's been a couple Phoenix Wright references, although none as blatant as in this page. There are also some small references to my friends' comics.
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...Phoenix Wright references? Huh, you'd think I would have caught on to that.

Then again I've never played it.
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This comic made me giggle xD
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Slacker Jakkai is a murderer. Oo... Blue Ocarina. And Link... And a cremated person... How funny/weird.
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AdaloreHobbyist Digital Artist
Isn't the Orcarina one form Harvest moon 64? I think it was... or its just zelda. :P
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LOL at the obscure references!
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Oh man item swap chains. How fun. XD
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jut5starHobbyist Digital Artist
LOL Zelda xD
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MizzaModderStudent Artisan Crafter
Oh got Phoenix Wright and Zelda references.
That's so win. <3
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