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I named the wright wyverns after the Wright brothers, although the crests on their heads do remind me of Phoenix Wright. |3 You can't really tell from the comic, but wright wyverns aren't ginormous dragon-things. They're more like harpy eagles in terms of size, I guess. (You can tell I put a lot of thought into this. :B duhr)

Slightly Damned
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This page is utterly adorable.

I also will be an attack dog coming in here and being completely condescending to you about your artwork due to the fact I cannot read a grand total of 3 sentences. But hey, I am the biggest fan of your work and let me remind you of this fact as my social ineptness shines through. While the fact that this page allows criticism is true, I fail to realize the fact that my critique is completely idiotic. I cannot be bothered to read a box, its killing me.

I also fail to realize that majority of artists do their work not for fame, but for the sake of the art, and don't give a shit what others say. If we took all advice people gave, there would be more mary sue's in comics than you could count. Sorry kids, passive aggressive falls under malicious. Putting 'no offense' in front of it doesn't buffer you from potential backlash.
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What does mary sue comics have to do with taking critique?

Aggressive...my comment was not aggressive and nor was any others here other than the ones 'defending' the fact that we have opinions. I am sorry you get so butt hurt from others thoughts dear.
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This is quite cute, it is.

I also agree with zer0dram0n and hunterbahamut with the information thing; BUT, since you nor your beloved attack dogs will allow such criticism to help you get better at what you do, who is to say that I can have my own opinion? The art is nice yes, the flow needs some work. A key point with webcomics is to keep the readers attention with minimal text and maximum movement.

Take it as is of course I am perceived as the stuck up person that needs to keep their opinions to themselves EVEN when you are allowing comments for one, and also have no 'do not crit' signs up. So therefore opinions are fair game.

The road to fame is a tough one, you have a lot of potential but if you are going to be like most of those artists and never take NON MALICIOUS advice then you will not get very far.
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apox0nHobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, adorable cuteness in the form of flying, feathered dragon-y thing! Ultimate epic!

Also, since this thread is starting to get rabid, I guess I'll throw in my own oppinion too.

I've read your comic for quite a while, and enjoy the way you pace the flow of information, but I agree; this feels too much like you're dumping a load of information down all at once, rather than your usual style of showing, rather than telling. It works well enough, but perhaps something else would have been just as effective?

(oh yeah, and my throat is only big enough for one person at a time, so if anyone other than Raizy -who is more than welcome to- wants to jump down, could they please wait their turn? Thanks.)
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
No offense to you and your story-telling abilities, since I'm constantly reading SD, but couldn't have there been a way to talk about the Wright Wyverns in story without giving us a whole blob of info all in the beginning? That just seems rather boring and it gives us way too much at once.
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Because of the way I wanted to pace the story, it was either give people a little more information about how the world the characters are currently in works, or have a very short page where Jake receives a letter. I thought the latter would be too boring, so I put a little blurb of information into the page.

But if you find reading three sentences too challenging, maybe you should stick to Garfield.
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
...insulting your fans is not a good idea. And I hate Garfield.
All I was saying was that you could have paced it better. Three lines, or three paragraphs, having a huge block of text just breaks up the flow of the comic, especially if it's something that is neat, but doesn't play an important role in the story. I like the Wright wyverns they're a neat idea, but maybe you could have explained them in story, like the 'catch up' scene with the letter to Jake, it's in story and it fits better, rather than having the narrator filling in the blanks for the read.
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Also, your name is an anagram of "He a buthurt man"
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
You know, it's ironic to say that when you're the one that is homosexual.
Not being insulting, just saying.
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Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
Glass houses has nothing to do with it, I was giving my opinion. It was not meant to be insulting, I wish you people would leave it like that. I gave my opinion to raizy, and she works the comic how she wants to, I'll still read it.
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
You called her work "boring," and you expect her to thank you for your opinion without insulting you right back? If you don't want to be insulted, then don't insult other people in the first place.

No one cares about your opinion because you're pretentious and dull. Don't expect people to bend over backwards for you because you read a free comic on the internet.
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
What? No no, I didn't say her work was boring, all I said was that in my opinion throwing in a bunch of new random info could be boring to some readers, I wasn't insulting her at all.

I am not here to be a pain or try to cause trouble, all I was doing was trying to give my opinion, and if it looks like I am insulting her then I'm sorry. Hell, I've been reading SD since I found it in it's infancy.
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Although I see where you're trying to come from, I don't feel I have made any sort of mistake in introducing wright wyverns in this way. I have read at least one Eisner-award winning graphic novel series that utilizes the same form of storytelling, and it was something that I enjoyed very much. I like it this way. I'm not changing it. I see no problem with it. I could have done it another way, but I didn't want to. I still don't.
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist
I didn't say it was a mistake, I was just giving my opinion on this, in the end it's your comic so you do what you think works.
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hunterbahamut Digital Artist

I was giving my opinion dammit, everyone is entitled to one, and just because I didn't approve of one thing doesn't mean I hate her or her work, I am a fan of SD.
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The wyverns are well drawn. Keep up the good work with Slightly Damned!
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I DID expect an Objection punchline in there, but subtlety works too xD
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OBJECTION!...Nyeh, sorry. I enjoy yelling that out. Nice, Im curious as to what Rhea wrote...
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I love the name. xD

Probably because my last name is Wright. x3
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Aww they look cute :aww:
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LOL, that patched hat looks Jay look like a hobo! XD
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