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Slightly Damned 234

By raizy
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Buwaro thinks he's so suave. But what's this? His cheesy lines have no effect? Looks like 15 years of being a disappointment has inflicted a deeper wound on Kieri than Buwaro can help heal at this point.

As far as how the comic looks, I decided to keep the snow on Kieri and Buwaro in panels 2 and 4. Apparently some people got confused last time I removed the snow in a similar "zoom-in" panel with a brightly-colored background, so this time I decided to keep it in. I think part of the reason it looked so jarring last time is because the dark background looked like it could have been a "real" background, and that I just forgot the snow. Now I think it kind of looks like Buwaro and Kieri have a dandruff problem. What are your thoughts?

Slightly Damned
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Drakomagus Traditional Artist
Yeah, I'm the oldest yet I'm not as praised as often as my siblings. I live though:3
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chiyokinsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kieri suffers from 'le emo tear.
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I think it's fine either way - with or without the snow.
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dandruff problem xD
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I know how she feels, and I'm the oldest in my family...
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D'aww... Snowy's so Emo!! :XD:
Maybe that's what I like about him! ^^;
Great work anyway!! :D
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ameidesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Buwaros expression on the thrid panel! ^w^
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golden-3point14Hobbyist General Artist
I think it looked better on the closeups without the snow, since you added the background and all. It looks more normal if there's snow falling, but with the close-ups...it does look like dandruff xD
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Aww, man, what a bummer.
Dragon-of-Twilght's avatar
Good God, is Kieri the angel of angst or something?
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Maybe it only seems that way because there's only snow on their heads and no snow on the ground? |D;;; lol

and those chesey lines between those two are part of what keeps us reading ;P
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There's a thin layer of snow on the ground. That's why it looks speckled with white in panels 5 and 6.
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hmm... then maybe it's because there's more snow on their heads then there is on the ground? I dunno really. I'm just saying some ideas as to why. lol
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MizzaModderStudent Artisan Crafter
What?! Cheesy lines have no effect?!

I like the snow, I think it looks fine. If it were dandruff, it'd me a much more solid white. You make it puffy and light enough to look like snow - iz fine.
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Yes stuff I wait for always comes when I leave the house.
Listen to Buwaro, Kieri! Becuase he is right!
Glad they are moving on though, I miss Rhea.
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SnowfyreHobbyist General Artist
Well, the snow is pretty realistic ( the dry snow kind ) though only noticed what you meant by dandruff after you mentioned it.
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The snow does look slightly awkward. It looks more natural on the hair than the shoulders and Buwaro's horns. But that's just my opinion.

Poor Buwaro's trying to cheer Kieri up. Looks like his optimism doesn't work for everyone.
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Oh, it doesn't look like dandruff! :)

I think the snow on their heads is fine.
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JHTriuneHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought it looked realistic. Almost like you were being precise in your work. In a zoom in panel, can we really ignore what's going on around the characters? Not really. Depends though, if it was like a thought, or a character narrating him/herself, I think that would fit.

So keep the snow!
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
Looks good to me. The absence of snow didn't really bother me in the last one either though. |3 But it doesn't look like dandruff.

When I wanted to do snow in Grayling, I looked for some photos online of real falling snow and made Photoshop brushes with them. By layering them up I got a pretty decent effect. You can download them here if you want [link]
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Ooh, awesome. Thanks! :w
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
darnit |D It didn't save it like I thought it did and included a bunch of default brushes you don't need. Well, too late but I fixed it anyway.
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Creamy423Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really didn't notice the snow to much other then it was on their hair. Looks fairly normal to me actually.
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TPMjinxHobbyist Digital Artist
oh, poor Kieri!
it does look a bit like dandruff,
but good anyway! :clap:
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