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Slightly Damned 232

By raizy
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Kieri really hates her snow bunny curse, even moreso now with her sneezing problem.

Slightly Damned
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kingofpain0Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can help with this curse I'm kind of an expert on curses
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not a huge thing, but wouldn't it be "i'm not going to give in to my curse" not "into my curse" like..going into the house?
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Are you trying a new style? If so it looks nice. BTW, are they like gonna forget their clipboard?
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Well, Kieri does look a little different in the last panel, but I wasn't consciously thinking of drawing in a new style.
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Yeah. Well either way it looks nice. Now onto the next question. Are they like gonna forget the clipboard? (I bet I know the answer is gonna have to wait until the next comic)
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Buwaro will pick it up in the next comic.
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Okay... I'm glad you told me, most people don't tell their fans what's gonna happen next.
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I normally wouldn't if it were an important plot point, but something like that is so trivial, why not?
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Oh... Okay, well I'm glad you told me! :D :hug:
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AdaloreHobbyist Digital Artist
pretty good :D

Just one thing, Kieri's face last panel makes her look older nearly. but that's just me.
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But I like her as a bunny... Oh well, poor Kieri.
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kieri looks badass in that last panel :P
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masamunemaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
The missing period in the last panel made me read it as "I won't refuse" at first ;P
And it's a little odd how you can only see the snowflakes on their heads when they're zoomed out/in panels with a background.
And both left wings don't quite look right in panel one, though I can't say how so it could just be me seeing nonexistant faults :/

Also, what everyone else said ;P
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I actually read that as 'I won't refuse' until you pointed that out. I thought it was a bit confusing at the time. Oops! ^^;
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callanerialHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the incredibly useless critique.
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masamunemaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
And thank you even more for reading it!
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ResafandrabHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm impressed with the effort you put into each of these!
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But her bunny form is so cute! D=
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ameidesHobbyist Digital Artist
She dropped the clipboard... *random observation*
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I think Bunny Curses aren't that bad! =3
heheh... I'd even start to sneeze on purpose! ^^;
Great job Raizy! ;)
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Hahah. Right after I check the site for an update, what happens when I check my DA? An update.
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