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Slightly Damned 231

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Ah, transition pages. Somewhat boring, yet necessary. In case you were wondering how there could be light shining on Buwaro and Kieri after Mrs. Green shut the door, there's a light above the entrance to her home. You can see it in the previous page.

Slightly Damned
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Awwwwwwww they are simply adorable together =3
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This page is strangely cute. (Hello? Purple demon and an angel hugging? :V)

So my guess is the Trouble Centre is like... a centre for assisting people?
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this comic so much
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I'm a sucker for blushing :aww:
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I drew fanart... could u put it on the fanart page of the webbie????
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Sure, just e-mail it to me.
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can u just look at it... I posted it...
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JimmuuHobbyist Photographer
You show you have skills to get this comic interesting (it's the highest time). Don't stop this way.
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
Love her expression in panal 5. Soo cute.
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CUTE LITTLE CHIBI STYLE!!! And the last panel makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or... I have a hairball.
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Glacideas Artisan Crafter
the last panal is just adorable <3
Dragon-of-Twilght's avatar
Panel five = Glompage
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The final panel's 'aww' factor is just wonderful x3

Hee, Buwaro and Snowy make a cute couple...
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masamunemaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
Cuteness overload :3
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