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Buwaro, the perpetually confused. In his defense, the poor guy doesn't know anything about Mother Gaia or even Syndel (and if you don't know anything either, there's always the badly made information page on the Slightly Damned website if you care enough to look).

Slightly Damned
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Zorua649Student Writer

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Gaia as the god mother earth. the titan?
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That's a very sophisticated statue for a wayside stopping point, I admire their dedication.

Elegantly simple, it shows a deep respect for their goddess without even adorning her unnecessarily.
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haha, another great comic. im awaiting the next with great eagerness.
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hawkfangorHobbyist Traditional Artist
It reminds me of the statues of the Mana Goddess from the Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana games! The grey ones are broken and you can only save your game there, but the gold ones give you a full heal before you save!

And yay for missing 'c's! There's a sign near where I park for school and work that is similar... It's a "Sumo Sushi" shop... but... they seem to have left out the u when they made the sign or something, because you can only see "SMO" from far away and when you get reaaaaallly close, you can see the, like, pt.14 size u in there.
I guess it wasn't worth getting it fixed...
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i'd tap that statue any day, Mother Gaia or not :o
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Looks like it was never all that good. I mean, Welcome was even spelt incorrectly when it was new too. Unless you are proposing the idea of infinitely small 'c's. Or perhaps the idea that Welome is a perfectly acceptable greeting. Or maybe I have nothing else to talk about.
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I am skilled. I think I'll go fix that before anyone else notices. |D
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Excellent. *finger twiddling*
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Raephire Writer
:w00t: awesome awesome , keep it up cutie ;p
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HybridProjectAlphaHobbyist Digital Artist

Setting fires indoors is the best idea ever
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ameidesHobbyist Digital Artist
Just what I was thinking!
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