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Slightly Damned 177

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As my friend put it, "Aww, Rhea has a heart."

Slightly Damned
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Rhea would make a very bad Two-Face. Oh well. She only got "SLIGHTLY" damned so I guess she can't be very evil.
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XD I love Rhea she is such a charater! XD excuse the pun. awesomeness as usual!
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Well, technically she lied, so isn't that bad?
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It's Rhea. She got into the Ring of the Slightly Damned for a reason, so it shouldn't be surprising that she'd be willing to lie. She's already lied to the little Jakkai kid in her village about going to Heaven. Besides, it was a lie for a good cause. Interpret it as you will.
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It's so confusing!
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I love Rhea's character, very schweet. It's action/comedy stuff like this that really gets me hooked ^.=.^ who is she based off of, if anyone?
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If anyone, myself, but only a little.
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heh, from reading your journal and notes on the site, I can actually see that XD *faved btw XP* keep it up! :salute: (cliche, yes, but I'm out of thigs to say >.=.>; )
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LohliteHobbyist General Artist
Ah the power of coins with the power of friendship. Gotta love it.
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chiyokinsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah. The power of friendship. X3
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"Trust The
??orian Sun"

Cool. You designed your own coin. Most people would be lazy and make it look like some coin from their own country.

Unles I'm being ignorant.
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Hmm... Which way did Ramirez go again? They might meet him if they're going the same way. That would be an interesting reunion!
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St. Curtis, I believe.
I've got no idea where that is relative to their current position, though.
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AWWWWWW... I hate to say it, buy Rhea's pushing the limits of how someone can be cuddly and badass at the same time. X3
Dragon-of-Twilght's avatar
Some where in there she does, but most of the time her evil nature masks it. Love Rhea's sadistic attitude.
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Awww, this gave me wibbles. She DOES have a heart!
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MizzaModderStudent Artisan Crafter
Aww. I had to reread it twice, but I got it. x3
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catldr24Hobbyist Artist
^^ I really liked this one.
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Wow, you read SD too? XD Cools.
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catldr24Hobbyist Artist
You didn't know that? *pokes* Moron XD
Drayco587's avatar

...*headshots you with Thadius*
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catldr24Hobbyist Artist
*catches Thadius* Ha! I'm the greatest dodgeball player on the Eastern seaboard! You think you can hit me with a standard projectile!? *laughs*
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'K. *throws explosive fireball*
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catldr24Hobbyist Artist
O_o Oh da-*explosion*

....*emerges from frying pan igloo thing* Ha! =P
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