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Rhea Hood Practice

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Rhea's got a new look coming up in Slightly Damned soon! Well, by "soon" I mean a few weeks after I post this. Here's some practice I did to try to work things out.


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Celia94Hobbyist General Artist

She looks so cute in the middle with the cloak closed ^^

Utaulupe001's avatar

she looks so mysterious and cool.

her outfit looks so familiar for some reason

Kolbatsun1226's avatar
Kolbatsun1226 Digital Artist

woah HYPE!!

MointPan's avatar
MointPan General Artist

The wardrobe change isn't permanent, is it?

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julian0123Hobbyist Writer

Honestly, I see her and I think I'm looking at a Grim Reaper XD

MointPan's avatar
MointPan General Artist

It's kind of big for her. And I'm not too sure I like how serious she looks.

Mjhf's avatar

How much would it be if I wanted to be in your comic

TheDCH's avatar
TheDCH Writer

The cloak looks cool, but I'm paying more attention to that scythe. I want to see how that's going to factor in (if it does. It's in most of those pictures, so I'm assuming it does).

MointPan's avatar
MointPan General Artist

Pfft, cloaks are overrated and look silly in my opinion.

Yoshimario40's avatar

Ooh nice. It's like a sneak preview of the future.

WarnarI's avatar

i wonder if Rhea's snakeness will pop out now and then as they travel? or only under intense stress or magical related events?

interesting to see what happens next!

Combak's avatar

Oh sweet, his is going to be her actual new outfit? I like it!

Morthasa's avatar

I like this style!

TheOrichalcumSpider's avatar

I wonder how many people she'll scare to death.

KurisuUzune's avatar

Wonderful. Simply splendid.

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KazzMcSassStudent Digital Artist

Ooooh I love the snake design on the back!!

NS-Games's avatar
NS-GamesHobbyist General Artist

I'm still waiting on the D20 roll. XD

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