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Commission - S'more Maker

Cooking is convenient if you're a fire type!

For :iconphlosioneer:! Thank you!
Typhlosion (c) Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
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TheKatarfox's avatar
This is adorable
MasterOfZoroark's avatar
Another good reason why Typhlosion is the best 2nd gen starter~ :D (Big Grin)
Fantastic work on this! w00t!
Kieroni101's avatar
That is adorbs! 83 It also reminds me of the other Quilava picture that you did a while ago~
raizy's avatar
I wonder if Phlosioneer was inspired... 8D
Xavius-Windsong's avatar
This is why the Gen2 starters are the best.
Ngeohp's avatar
awwww ill never need a bon fire ever again
SojiroEX's avatar
That's so cute ;w;
thegoodsamaritan's avatar
This is absolutely what I would do if I were a Typhlosion.
TokenAussie's avatar
On the other hand, it does make giving piggyback rides rather more difficult.
duskinova's avatar
Wouldn't it be awesome to have this guy around!?
Insta-smores!! :aww:
SexyArtFan2's avatar
Well that is very convenient :3
This looks nice ^^
Hotspot-the-626th's avatar
And that's why I picked him as a starter :XD:
Omnikrystal's avatar
I wonder if he likes his marshmallows burnt black or golden brown?
Phlosioneer's avatar
Phlosion likes his smores still burning. :P
Omnikrystal's avatar
I wonder how he manages that when the flaming part would be extinguished by being sandwiched between two crackers. Does he pour alcohol on it before its fully assembled or something?
xtofubreadx's avatar
Lazy cooking can be fun cooking X3
Phlosioneer's avatar
You should see him at Barbecues :P
xtofubreadx's avatar
I bet it's even more hilarious
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