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Commission - Mortori Bird

By raizy
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Mortori birds are fictional birds I made up for Slightly Damned. With their wings folded and their crests down they look like normal ravens, albeit with strange white eyes. Because of their colors and scavenger diet, they're said to be affiliated with Death.

"mortori" is a portmanteau of "mort-", Latin for "death", and "tori", Japanese for "bird". Deathbirds.

Slightly Damned
Commissioned by :iconlucius-amereulius:
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HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN HERE?! this is awesome how did i miss this when i went browsing a few days ago?!
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AhstTraoteeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Deathbirds or not, I think they're cute. ^^
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I saw the reference in your comic, googled it because I thought it was a real bird, and was brought here...

Thus the circle is complete.
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lucius-amereuliusStudent General Artist
Thankyou Chu. It looks awesome
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Pale blue eyes/1 /they;re cuter when you can get a good look at them.
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The typos........ >_< Maybe gray, not blue...
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Alright cool, I like it.
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DJ-Ghetto-HeadphonesHobbyist General Artist
awesome combination of two epic languages
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EncoyroabaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Could this be what's inside that egg?
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hollywood16Student General Artist
P.S. is Cliff Mr. Sinclair's middle name? I thought I saw a page where Merinda (I think that's how you spell it) called him Heath Cliff
raizy's avatar
Heathcliff is his first name and Cliff is a nickname. :w
Erroneous-Nickname's avatar
Heathcliff is a full first name. Cliff is an abreviated version. And its spelled Miranda.
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hollywood16Student General Artist
that looks just like cliff when he was cursed.

and it does look a little bit like death too, I wouldn't be surprised if he had one of those as a pet.
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Do you think it might be death how made Meeros?
Freyad-Dryden's avatar
Do they have anything to do with death? Other than feeding on carrion, I mean?
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You should do a mini comic on Cliff's Mortoti mis-adventure! This is really cool!
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Dragonfolk2000Student Writer
I think I want to hear more about Cliff's adventures in general. Maybe as a side series or something. I mean, he's traveled all over and apprently done a lot of stuff. I think I would totally want to read about Cliff's own adventures. That probably can't happen until after the main SD storyline.
Elzipper7's avatar
That... is... a really good idea! I wonder what that'd be like... Awesome I bet. Either way, I still want to see at LEAST his mis-adventure as a bird.
TalonTheLeopard's avatar
Oh hey,it's him again,uhhh...something Sinclair?
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You forgot Cliff's name? And no, it's not him.
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Love it! (woot first comment.. or so that i can see.
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