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Commission - Demon Lineup

By raizy
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...Well, four Demons and one unhappy-looking Angel, anyway. Don't worry, little guy! Maybe those girls are just trying to tell you they like you.
I think it should be pretty easy for Slightly Damned readers to figure it out, but from left to right we've got a Water, a Wind, a Fire, and an Earth Demon.

For Machaeus and the WIP Slightly Damned Tabletop RPG: [link]
Slightly Damned: [link]
Commission Info: [link]
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Looked like lined paper from the thumbnail.
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supersonic50Hobbyist General Artist
whenever I look at the fire demon, I can't stop thinking about Luke from Tales of the Abyss... And even with that, They obviously all look very good
raizy's avatar
Haha, I really enjoyed Tales of the Abyss, but only long after I drew this picture. XD
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supersonic50Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, Quite a cool coincidence huh?
heyItsBimo's avatar
The wind demon is appearing in the comic, are the other ones going to as well?
nuclearmissile's avatar
Heh, that cute green wind demon girl just made an appearance in the comic. Is it sad that I recognized her right away?

Don't answer that question, I know the answer is yes X3
raizy's avatar
Nah, it's not sad. :)
nuclearmissile's avatar
Honestly, I probably wouldn't have even recognized any of the other 3 if they were in the comic. The green one is just so fluffy I wanna hug her! Plus the whole pirate vibe is awesome.
Poncle's avatar
"Great Gaea, I want my mum!"
"No worries, shortstack. We ain't gunna eatcha. We'll show you how we party in Hell."
Sebistara's avatar
SebistaraHobbyist Digital Artist
i think thats their way to say "sup bro, wanna come to party?"
spy-which-is-Purple's avatar
I always thought that all demons were taller than humans, and angels the same height without their wings... neat now ya know!
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Zorua649Student Writer
hey, Angels and water demons are about the same height! perfect!
seelcudoom's avatar
this makes me wonder about demon society
we barely see anything inside of hell other then the ring
they have clothes, and they cant just take them from dead medians, sense i dought even the big turtle guys clothes would fit an earth demon
so are there demons that just make clothes, do sports/entertainment, and build homes instead f just murder?(ok so demon sports and entertainment probly involves murder)
lizziecat1279's avatar
lizziecat1279Student General Artist
I don't think we've actually seen a fire demon in comic in at least a minor character position so this is really pretty cool! I love the fur on all of em, just as I love all of the fluffy things you've drawn.
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Kolbatsun1226 Digital Artist
isn't this how the Usual Suspects started? It's the angel isn't it? He's Keyser Sose and he just made up the story from newspaper clippings
Robotcatgirl's avatar
RobotcatgirlStudent Artist
Why does the highest number say "hot damn!" ?
he he maybe you lik tall de- *shot*
Mcgrnwlf's avatar
McgrnwlfStudent Traditional Artist
by their powers combined they become captain plan-*shot*
abowden's avatar
they have an odd way of showing affection, don't they?
Machaeus's avatar
MachaeusStudent Writer
Perfect! I plan on showing some of these to the guy who's helping me playtest, and now he'll know the basic idea! Thank you!
the-ever-eternal's avatar
wow al gore would be proud, the earth demon's are all suddenly going green
Jahuty's avatar
Oh and the Angel is all like ":("...
Jahuty's avatar
I SEE IT NOW!!!!! The Earth Demon is gesturing to his butt saying that he is going to fart in the Angel's face while the other two hold the guy down! And the Water Demon is just like "LOLZOMG THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE XP!!!!!!"
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