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Chousen Zubat

Zubats! They’re… they’re everywhere!

(And they’re really cute)

Zubat (c) Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
151 Pokemon Challenge:
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Well, Geodude and his pal Zubat and his pal Zubat and his pal Zubat and- wait, that Mugen, not Chousen...
CollinMagney's avatar
It's a good thing I have all these Repels. :D
hellocartoon's avatar
Being a great bat lover, I love Zubats. They're so cute.
ThePokemonTeller's avatar
Thank God Repels existed!
Dragonjek's avatar
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Then we will spam repel/roar/discharge/whatever in the shade... wait, that's blotting out the sun, not darkening the skies...
MrShadowatdevaintart's avatar
We all remember this...

every, damn second of it
DavoDoss's avatar
The first pokemon I ever caught.
pancakesandhalibut's avatar
Caves in red and blue used to drive me mad! This really captures it :)
jtd786's avatar
It's hard to stay mad at them when they look like they're having so much fun...
They are so adorable I don't mind them...I fucking HATE Tentacool though. :(

(Great work here! :D)
BlazingPotato's avatar
-uses as wallpaper on phone-
TailsRox's avatar
.....We're gonna need more Repels.
PancakeShiners's avatar
Zubat.... My favorite Poison Type <3

I don't care if they're villianized Pokemon... I always would catch one, and love it forever.  ;w;

They're all so cute! 8D

I love the one in the lower left corner.  xD
WolfNightV4X1's avatar
Freaking zubats! I remember wandering the caves and running into those obnoxious jerkfaces every five seconds!
pie-lord's avatar
At least you will be a couple hundred encounters closer to a shiny Pokemon right?
Tinker-Jet's avatar

Mt. Moon.


Every. Single. Time.

Shadowtails-Derol's avatar
I love em all! X3 Especially the one sticking out its thoung!
StaciNadia's avatar
Nooooooo, all those Zubats!  ;_;  But seriously, they are all so cute!  :heart:
seviper3's avatar
i hate when that happens in caves and you have no more repels
SirFerrick's avatar
Turquoisephoenix's avatar
"REPEL's effect wore off!"

I love the coloring style a lot of these pieces in this challenge have. It especially works here with the Zubat horde. =D
Pfaccioxx's avatar
this reminds my of a YouTube music video I saw
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