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Passing of Time
How strange it is that the green I see is not the green I'll see,
That the world around me is a world that will soon cease to be,
Seconds same as seconds, but ticks will take their toll,
What was today will be a day that won't be evermore.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 1 0
Plane Landing
Slowly circling above like vultures stalking prey,
getting lower, lower more, we eagerly await.
When the time is ours, destination close at hand,
we plunge into the night, diving towards the land.
Down towards hell we dive, with only faith to guide,
claws outstretched and reaching, wings sprawled out each side.
We arrive on target, let loose a thunderous roar,
live to hunt another day and tell this tale once more.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 0
The Last Final
I put down my pencil, my test is completed,
I pack up my stuff, my snack left uneaten,
my final final's finally finished.
On the last day of this laborious week,
with essays to write and tests to complete,
most of the students have already departed
for a summer vacation that has already started.
so tranquil beneath the brilliant blue sky
is the campus I've walked over so many times,
hushing tree leaves dance to the wind,
as a part of me ends and a new start begins
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 0
The words you thought to be godsent
the words you thought so permanent
with time, will all fade to white
scattered dust, forgotten sight.
Your similes, metaphors,
and symbols everywhere adorned,
will crumble underneathe the weight
of eternal unwav'ring fate
What can you do so you may save,
the words that you, to mankind, gave
a droplet in an ocean wide
forgotten with the coming tide
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 1 2
They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder
but all it really does is make me wonder,
questioning my confidence and beliefs,
and whether I'm forcing what I want on what I see
When she was with me, my worries went away
like the darkness during sunrise everyday
her warmth made my doubts disappear,
and dissolved all my uncertainty and fears
Although I know our paths no longer cross
I find myself somewhat at a loss.
So, I sit and wait alone
for the sun to show itself once more.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 3 0
Though major battles fought and done,
my war, has just begun
as fellow soldiers head for home,
I set off alone
Towards a sunset bleeding red,
my shaking heart is filled with dread
I'm out of time and ill prepared
I expect the worst and brace for death.
Weapon grasped, hand unsteady
despite the call for armed and ready,
my beating heart like drums of war
drowns my soul in thunderous roar.
Fearful for my fragile future,
regretful of my past,
praying that this final battle,
will not be my last
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 1 2
We have lived this life,
and seen this world anew,
though we must part, some day,
we will be together once more.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 1
The memories I've stowed away,
begin to surface once more,
I relive those happy days
when I hear those sweet chords.
The flowing melodies of trees,
gently wrap around my heart,
the upbeat tempo of the beach,
I recall from end to start
The time we spent so carefree
the days we thought would never end
the common bond of our story
a simple word, "Transcend".
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 2 2
One Week Friends
When dandelions bloom in Spring,
white petals drifting in the wind,
underneath a sky of blue,
I'll find my way back to you.
Though you'd have lost your memories
of all the time you spent with me,
upon the rooftop where we first met,
I'll see you once again, my friend
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 3 5
An endless cat and mouse,
they follow close behind,
I see the dark approaching,
I'm almost out of time.
Slowly inching closer,
but I am frozen still,
I lack the motivation,
I cannot find the will.
They wrap around my limbs,
constrict my very soul,
uncertainties and fears,
out of my control.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 1 0
Seasons pass, the world keeps turning
the river of time flows on.
Though you may harbor old regrets,
your past is now long gone.
There’s no returning to those days,
the current can’t be fought,
yet tangled in nostalgia, grief,
you’re rooted to that spot.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 0
Super Smash Bros
Mashing buttons, flashing lights
sound effects throughout the night,
excited cheers and sullen groans
just playing super smash bros.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 0
Dancing Flower
Dear neighbors, I must confess,
though you might think me morale-less,
every day I sneak a glance,
at your window for a chance,
to see, once more, what caught my eye,
that fateful day that I looked by.
Although my mood that day was dour,
I saw that ever-dancing flower,
rocking back and forth at me,
upon the windowsill, carefree.
I thought, “How silly”, with a smile
yet still stood there for a while
and watched my worries waltz away,
with that flower from across the way.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 2 2
Spoken Word
No misformed words or broken lines
just constant unrhythmed rhymes
flowing in an endless stream to your ears
and painting imagery inside your mind.
The poet plays around with words
taking things that you've heard
a million times before and reshaping them into something new
something few will ever hear
and even fewer will ever say
at the end of the day
you find yourself snapping at the strength of their song
nodding your head along with the stream of verbiage being spit
you close your eyes while you sit
and soak in every word.
You're left
swept off your feet
witnessed something you can't believe
hoping you'll hear it again
that, is spoken word.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 1 0
Good luck said, hands are shaken,
the players sit to start the war,
a mental battle waged in silence
broken only by the clock.
Pawn attacks, control the center
openings done by the book,
safely hide away the king
develop bishops, knights, and rooks.
Sweaty palms and frantic minds,
hesitation clouds their faces,
racing hearts, leave them blind
lost in a maze of black and white.
The field reduced to kings and pawn
a culmination of tactics played,
the footman marches towards the end
and the inevitable checkmate.
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 1
Dirty Dishes
Dishes in the sink
rising like a skyscraper.
We all say, "not mine"
:iconraizshock:RaizShock 0 1

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Alright, round 2 NaPoWriMo >_> I failed you last year (or was it the year before that?) but I'm going to give it a shot this time. I'm probably not following the rules correctly but I'm aiming to just sit down and write a poem a day. Might have to use some out of the document of poems I randomly wrote a while ago to start since I have a midterm coming up but giving it my all!

A lot has happened in the past however long it's been. Pretty rusty, pretty sure my writing's pretty bad now, but I guess it's a good time as any to start up again. Gone through some personal stuff and someone suggested to me that I try to build some good habits so I thought, writing's a pretty good one xD So let's go!
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