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Princess Daisy

I was always a big fan of Daisy...

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Wait, this is a drawing? It looks more realistic than the photos my phone makes. It's so incredibly detailed, it's beautiful!

I can't believe I didn't find this earlier.
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Adorable. Love your style of Princess Daisy. ^_^ :star: :heart:

This is quite like if we were to meet a Princess Daisy cosplayer IRL or what Princess Daisy would look like in a live-action movie or TV show aside from the 1993 movie that didn't fare well. If there were to be any more live-action Mario movies or even a TV series, it should be closer to the video games and that the characters look like what we've seen in the games to avoid the issues the 1993 movie faced.
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Lol, agreed. :D  Thanks!!
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You're welcome. ^_^
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Daisy's time to shine into main games is now, help sign her petition if interested this is her chance…

Spread the word
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Beautiful, I love Daisy!
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The picture is beautiful!
I think you capture Daisy's personality, which makes me like this even more!
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I have been looking for this my whole life. Simply amazing. :heart:

I love you for this oTL
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Thanks! Glad you like it!

It's a print, ya know... ;)
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do the others
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God I luffles daisy! She is my favorite Mario Character. Ever. :icondragonglomp:
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Wow! Thats beautiful! Amazing work! Very well done! :D
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Need more realism fanart. :heart: You've done an outstanding job with Daisy. Almsot makes me like her. :)
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Yes, that line is annoying.
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oh wow, this is amazing. <3

i love daisy :3
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Wow, beautiful. I didn't know if you were gonna color it and I'm glad you did! Your realism is very very good and I'm glad you chose Daisy (I don't much like Peach xD)

I hope DevArt gets rid of that line soon.
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It's so cute, besides that nasty black line that dA refuses to take away. e___e Adorable nonetheless, love her expression! :meow:
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Beautiful darlin~ <3
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