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Hi guiiiisee! I'm making this journal to feature some cosplays that I think are amazing! Be sure to check to see if you've been featured! c:


Uzumaki Naruto - Dream by GaaSuka:thumb334055540: Skip Beat Sho Fuwa by 0hagaren0 CODE GEASS R2 Lelouch 30 by 0hagaren0:thumb334646542: Mornin sis by 707Hachiko When the curtains close. by 707Hachiko No happy ending by 707Hachiko:thumb320567845::thumb214695512: Kuroshitsuji: Just Another Day by behindinfinity Kuroshitsuji: The River Styx by behindinfinity Broken Youth by behindinfinity JBW2: L sits on Couch by blondewolf2 JBW2: L bites thumb by blondewolf2 What used to be by GrimalkinCosplay:thumb327354567::thumb327355527::thumb327355297::thumb325258093: Elizabeth Middleford : +Rasberry+ by KittyHimee Kagamine Rin: +Queen+ by KittyHimee PKMN - Taking a Nap by Devil-Kasai SasuNaru - Shinobi Power by Devil-Kasai No.6 - boring afternoon by Firiless Naruto - I by HampusAndersson No. 6 - By Your Side by GracefulGlider -Pout- SasuNaru by Figgarow Hey Sakura - NaruSaku by Figgarow:thumb328567392: Can I become a Hokage? by runofoxel Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by mako75 I sense there's something in the wind... by mako75 Unforgettable Kiss..SasuNaru by LuverBoysStranger Hali and Ulquiorra by LuverBoysStranger AFAMY - Kuroko Tetsuya by lavena-lav Presenting Grell Sutcliff 01 by lavena-lav Rachel Alucard - II by lavena-lav Tamaki Suoh - Waiter by Tamarui SasuNaru -Iwant to...- by Tsumugii Luka Megurine [Kimono] by Tsumugii Mako- Days Gone By by twinfools Rin- Blue Exorcist by twinfools Zero Boys by twinfools The Avatar Masters Water by twinfools Ichigo- Test by twinfools

Movies/TV Shows:

TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR by behindinfinity Hogwarts Class Photo by behindinfinity Edward Cullen - Twilight by NanjoKoji Brave by Flying-Fox Cat Valentine Super Cat Victorious 2 by PandaLavi Draco x Harry - Scared, Potter by NanjoKoji:thumb141521130::thumb137398175: Ron Weasley - Eat, you'll feel better by Kida-Takashi Effy by MariannaInsomnia:thumb307550957: trick or treat or grudge by shinobimarkee Ju-on: The Curse, Kayako Saeki by NaruLuvzRamen:thumb254664500::thumb335597077: Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows by Tsu-yaa Dark Shadows by FreckledClavicle Nightmare Before Christmas 2 by VodkaDoll92 The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally by ShlachinaPolina Three of a Kind -Joker Costume by ElectricSixx Joker and Harley Quinn by FioreSofen Batman pride by photogeny-cosplay Batman : Harley Quinn by beethy Jack and Angelica: On Stranger Tides by behindinfinity Impossible - Doctor Who by HelenaTears Mad as a hatter by machui826 Mad as a Hatter by ElectricSixx Disney's Alice by Hopie-chan The Servant of a Queen by Rei-Doll The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen by VandorWolf Peeta- Tribute from 12 by twinfools The Big Bang. by cupcake-rufflebutt Raj and Wolowitz cosplay XD by XMenouX:thumb203721745: Candace Flynn by BennyBerry Jack Frost - Wanna have a snowball fight? by KorouOo Jack Frost by Rollwurst

Videogames/Online Games/Other:

CosPhoto: Sora + Tidus Chase by Risachantag Just follow me. by Figgarow The door to light. by Figgarow Kingdom Hearts - Ajito by TheCarebearFag Axel Roxas - Sakura Blossom by TheCarebearFag Dragon Nest: Archer by KiraHokuten:thumb318913144: Legend of Zelda - On guard by Rei-Suzuki Ganondorf and Puppet Zelda by seifer-sama Princess Zelda, Twilight Princess by francescadani Okami cosplay Amaterasu by Allisaer Okami-The God by Hyokenseisou-Cosplay Skyrim: Outlaw. by KasuzameYuu Cosplay Skyrim by FlorindaZanetti Skyrim Cosplay - Little Nightingale by Aicosu Skyrim - Wings of Kynareth by nihilistique Skyrim Cosplay - Nightingale Armor by Aicosu:thumb208059253: Assassins Creed - Amore Mio by Andy-K Assassin's Creed IX by RemusSirion assassins by Spiral-simon Mass Effect Cosplay - Psychotic Biotic by Aicosu Mass Effect 2 - Biotic powers by love-squad Mass Effect Tali Cosplay 1 by bgzstudios Mario Party by TTCosplay Mario and Luigi- Bro Time by twinfools Princess Peach on the run by DigitalHikari Poised to strike by yayacosplay Amy Sorel - Soul Calibur 4 by theDevil-photography Dissidia: Final Fantasy ::04 by Cvy Final Fantasy X - The Sending by Benny-Lee The World Ends with You ::03 by Cvy GlaDOS cosplay Portal 2 by onkami Cosplay Scarlet  Mortal Combat 9 by AsherWarr dead space 2 cosplay by easycheuvreuille dead space 2 cosplay 7 by easycheuvreuille

:iconfiggarow: :icongodirtypop: :iconrockiingnaruna: :icon707hachiko: :icontwinfools: :iconvandorwolf: :icondelightfullysweet: :iconkittyhimee: :iconlanmeimeia: :iconmako75: :iconnarugoldilocks: :iconpalecardinal:

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mako75's avatar
A late thank you for the feature! XD <3
RaitoChiRin's avatar
Aha you're welcome! <3 xD
cupcake-rufflebutt's avatar
Thanks for including my friends and I!
RaitoChiRin's avatar
KiraHokuten's avatar
Thank you for the feature :D
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're welcome ^^
lanmeimeia's avatar
thank you very much,glad you like it:)
you are sweet
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're very welcome! I love your cosplays c:
Tsu-yaa's avatar
thank you! that's so sweet
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're welcome! :3
KittyHimee's avatar
Oh my god !! Thank you, you are just too sweet >u< ! I haven't been featured in awhile ! So happy <3 <3 <3 <3 ~*
RaitoChiRin's avatar
You're welcome!! ^w^
I adoreee your cosplays! They're all so beautiful! <3
Rollwurst's avatar
Oh Wooooow1 thank you for feature my Jack Frost cosplay *-*. Such a wonderful blog full of great costumes. :-)
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're very welcome! ^^
and thank you! C:
FlorindaZanetti's avatar
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii There are too :D anyway if you want in my album there are more photos (done better) cosplay Skyrim :P thanks for above!
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're welcome!
and i'll be sure to add more next time I do an art feature for cosplay! C:
FlorindaZanetti's avatar
hiihihi thanks again :D I hope you'll continue to follow me :P
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're welcome ^^ of course ill continue c:
HiniTsuburagi's avatar
Ohh my Yoko cosplay, thank youuuuuu !!! I'm glad you like it, I feel very flattered. ^^
RaitoChiRin's avatar
you're welcome!! And yes I love it, it's amazing C:
xJRosex's avatar
I love it, I'm getting some new favorites tonight :D
RaitoChiRin's avatar
haha thanks xD and cool
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