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I'm finally done! :w00t:
It's my first completely digital painting and it was so much fun to paint. Mainly because everything worked out the way I wanted it and it feels so easy compared to my first coloured pencil work (which is also Avatar Fanart and still in the making, although I started it before this one).

I chose this reference for the colours and because her expression is so sweet. I hope I did her justice.
There are still some issues with the proportions and the skin needs some texture, but I wanted to submit it anyways :B

Sooo... technical stuff:
1600x1200 pixels in Photoshop CS3
3 layers (though layer 2 and 3 are only for the glowing spots)
Wacom Intuos 4 graphic tablet
reference [link] from James Cameron's Avatar (which is awesome, by the way)
I used a grid and have been painting for about 4 days. I don't know the total time, sorry :)

Comments and critics are very welcome :aww:

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Indeed, a sweet, spirited expression! This one really stands out from the crowd!
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Thank you and thanks for the fav :aww:
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I was getting hypnotized by the amazing light on her face, but I finally broke away to comment. This is such a breathtakingly beautiful painting! I'm amazed at how you managed to get so much detail into the braids digitally. I have the same graphics tablet and I'm not finding this digital painting thing quite so easy! This is the best Neytiri piece I have ever seen, and I mean it.
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Thank you so much! I find detail to be much easier in digital painting than in drawing, especially the lights effects on the braids. It just takes time :)
Thanks for the fav, too :aww:
Insanity. This is amazing work.
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thank you so much :aww:
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Was zum Geier!:eyepopping: Ich hab das nicht als Painting erkannt bis ichs in der Beschreibung gelesen hab! Wahnsinn!:clap:
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hihi, vielen Dank!
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Your work has been featured here: [link]
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einfach toll, vorallem diese kleinen Details, wie die einzelnen Haare, die ein wenig von ihrem Kopf abstehen...
Nur die dunkle Strähne auf ihrer Schulter sieht ein wenig aus, als würde sie nicht so recht ins Bild passen

Ansonsten Hut ab, du bist wirklich eine großartige Künstlerin =)
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Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar.
Mit der Strähne hast du Recht, das hab ich beim Malen auch gedacht, aber schau mal auf der Referenz [link] sieht das auch komisch aus. Hm, vielleicht ein bisschen anders beleuchtet...
Jedenfalls vielen Dank, ich krieg grad Lust, mal wieder was digitales zu machen... :)
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ja du hast recht, da sieht es wirklich genauso aus =) du hast echt fantastische Arbeit geleistet (;
ohhja, würde mich freuen, wieder etwas von dir zu sehen
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very nice! greetings.
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Good Lord.
I thought you'd posted a screenshot from the movie and I was like "Meh, another phoney"
Sorry :aww: You. Are. Amazing.
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wow !!! you're amazing !
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its amazing;)
you have a real talent ;) wow
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