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♡ Happy Valentine's Month, everyone! 
♡ My trades will be open all month~ ♡
♡ Feel free to comment even if we're not mutuals; I'll look at everyone's posts! ♡


♡ General Rules ♡
You may comment once a month (resets on the first of each month)!
If I want to trade, I will reply to your comment within a month!
I will hide all comments that are older than a month to "reset" the station.

♡ Art Trade Procedure ♡
Leave a reference of your character(s) below!
Tell me briefly what kind of art you'd be willing to draw!
Let me know what kind of art you want from me!

I Will
draw in whichever style you ask of me
draw ferals, anthros, humans, and other creatures
get my part done within the month or soon after I see you've finished yours

I Will Not
draw extreme gore and certain fetishes
appreciate it if you do not hold up your end of the bargain
trade with you in the future if you do not complete your part

Please do not be offended, whine, or pester me if I choose not to trade with you!
I may be too busy or do not believe I can draw the character(s) you've posted or design to your set parameters.
However, just because I don't reply to your comment within a month, it does not mean I do not want to trade with you!
Feel free to return to this journal once a month and post a new comment with fresh, new characters/examples, and I may be up for it!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance!

Rai Huang (@ Raishiteru)
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