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Doctor Pepper Seargent Who

Last year, for the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention, I created in about 2 hours what turned out to be my most popular piece of all time, the Doctor Who Penultimate Supper. [link]

Well, the convention came back around this year, my drawing was very popular, and I wanted to top myself. In trying to find an iconic picture with lots of people in it, I was immensely satisfied to discover that Doctor Who and the Beatles had never been mashed up in this way before.

I think I have included every companion, I haven't watched every bit of Classic Who, and of course it's harder to caricature someone who's personality you are unfamiliar with.

At the con, I sold out of prints of this the first day, I wish I had brought three times as many.

Incidentally, if you would like a print of this for your wall, please send me a message, (Deviant Art doesn't allow prints of fan art through their system, plus, they take all the profit anyway) I would be more than happy to ship you something personally.

Doctor Who © BBC, this image is for spoofulatory purposes.
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5: John Lennon
6: Ringo Starr
3: Paul McCartney
4: George Harrison
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Imagining the Doctors, and companions singing A Little Help From my Friends with The Beatles, and the Daleks appear wondering why they weren't invited.
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Omg that's amazing !!
Love the crossover! <3
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Just Brilliant, I love Doctor Who, and The Beatles too, this is perfect!!
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Have I mentioned how much I love this yet?
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Not yet, no.

Wait, now you have : )
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This is brilliant, I absolutely love it!!! :heart:
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You're very welcome! :D
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i like how the villains are tiny. lol
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Brilliant, I like how you used the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, it works wonderfully here and how its changed to double hearts instead, cool
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Yeah, the basic idea was the beatles, but all the details were firmly Who, so much to put in!
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it looks great!
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Oh my God, this is the worst thing ever, lol.

Jk, its so amazing it makes me feel all sad.
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You have very complicated emotions : )
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Lol. At first I was like, oh God. And then I started laughing, and then I realized that half the characters hardly exist anymore. It was all very strange. I should probably take a break from the Internet...
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either that, or you should BREAK the internet! Mwahahahahahacoughha!
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Your art will be featured here very soon - [link]
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