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Blizzaragon - Ice Dragon

Those usually peaceful dragons become very dengerous when they're feeling unsafe. They're capable of freezing everything and everbody with their cold breath.
Blizzargons inhabit high, snowy mountains and hills, and they prefer to live far from human and other dragons

Watercolor pencils

Blizzaragon (c) Raironu
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© 2006 - 2021 Raironu
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This is amazing!!
Keep up the good art!
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Do you mind if i use this photo :)
Raironu's avatar
Where do you want to use it?
SplindedRose12's avatar
im writing a fanfict. n it has to do with a ice dragon,  im not 100% sure i will be using the pic but i was woundering if i could put it in the fanfic.
Raironu's avatar
Ah, sure.
If you decide to use it, just credit me please. C:
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This is... Too amazing for words!
Raironu's avatar
Aww, thank you! ^^
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I'm glad to hear that C:
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Hey your dragons name is similar to my Deviant Name what are the odds of that?
Anyway great work, awesome
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I'd love to be one of those. :)
HyakuhanaReku's avatar
Oooooooooh, pretty.
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Beautiful work! I love the wings.
Snapdragoon's avatar
Wow, this is beautiful. I like the colors! :D
tyshadragon's avatar
Hello :wave:
Just a little note to let you know this piece of work has been featured in Devious Dragons issue 51 [link] The blog for older dragon artwork :)
blueminstral's avatar
Wow really good! love the colouring
Starr-Claws's avatar
Now this is my kind of dragon!
Prism-urase's avatar
Very nice, especially on that paper.
WhiteyDragoness's avatar
whoa.. beautiful.. nice work
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Wow, this is just great... O.O
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Wcześniej jakoś na dłuższą mete nie myślałam że kolorowymi kredkami mogą wychodzić takie rzeczy-najwidoczniej musze przyjrzeć sie jeszcze tej technice Wodorozpuszczalne jak mniemam (mam nawet takie ale czerwoną mi na anatomii ktoś ukradł :) ). A wracając do samego obrazka- podoba mi sie głowa.
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-visit my gallery
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ciesze się, że się podoba :XD:
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