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I'm abandoning this DA account.
Over the next few days I'll be moving over to because I need a fresh start.
Thankyou everybody who watched me and faved my stuff and left comments. I'm sorry that most of the time I haven't replied, because I pretty much gave up on DA for a long time. Hopefully now I'll be back more permanently.
Hope to see you over at my new account ^.^
Bai bai~

PS I haven't decided yet for sure, but I will most likely be removing everything from this account. And not all of it will go back up again, just letting you guys know ^^
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Hey all, whoever is still watching me

I know, I said I had returned waaaay back when, in January. Well, I do have a good reason (sort of) for disappearing - Real Life Interference. More specifically, I went to art school for a year. And it's really opened my eyes!

You might notice that most of my art is in the scraps section now. Well... I've decided none of it's up to my personal, as in for-me-only standards anymore. I don't want anybody taking offense here, and I don't want to be misinterpreted, I'm definitely not saying that my old stuff is BAD, but... to me, it is all very immature. No, not in subject matter, but in skill. My skills were immature. And while digital art, at the school I went to, was dismissed, even a little frowned upon, the things I did learn there greatly helped me with it (nyah!).

So, what am I going to do about it? What any self-respecting obsessive-compulsive perfectionist would do, of course! I'm going to repaint them! Well, not all of the, I'm not insane... but the ones that really matter to me. Like my loveable 'not your average angel'. I see such potential in him, and while I fully acknowledge that it is a lovely painting, it's not what *I* wanted for it. I did what I could, with the skills that I had, and that about sums it up.

Thus, I'm starting a big project. Whilst ambitiously pursuing my new ideas, I'm going to revamp my old ones, too.

And you know what they say... it's always quicker the second time around ^_~

Wish me luck~!
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Yes, well... not exactly.

But, I have returned. I left DA for a time... I don't really remember why, but I'm sure I had a very good reason. However, since I can't remember it now, there's no reason why I should continue of DA... and so.. uhh.. where was I? JJ begged me to return. So I did. Here I am. Yeah...

... not really drunk but soon I'd be able to be (legally) if I wanted ... lol I just had to tell everyone... It's my birthday this Saturday (12th) !!! I'll be 18 omg! an adult! noooooooo... Peter Pan, if you're out there, will you come take me away to Neverland? ......



..... so anyway.......

....... so what are ya'll gonna get me?
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Just dropping into my half-abandoned account... >.> everybody go see mine and JJ's new joint account called Ninja-Bunny! *squee* just had to say that. Sorry again if I've been not replying to anybody's comments -_-' time just gets away from me ^^;

I have soooo much catching up to do, pics I have to finish, pics I owe people >_< it's bugging the hell outta me so I don't think I'll be able to do much else until I've finished what I have to... otherwise I won't end up doing anything lol -_-'

catcha later ^_^ TTFN

P.S. check out !!!! heehee!
Hey all
Since it's christmas and all I just wanted to thank everybody who comments and favourites and stuff... I've really fallen behind with replying and individual 'thank yous' and I just can't reply to everyone now... so this is the best I can do, all my messages have just piled up too much ^^; So thanks everybody!!

:hug: happy holidays
Just to like.. let anybody out there know, I'm officially back from my "vacation"! Feel free to drop me a note and remind me if I owe you art or something... I have it all written down...somewhere...... but my procrastinating butt needs some prodding along I guess ^^;

It's good to be back! .... I think... O.o....
Bad news... I doubt I will do anymore art until I am back from my holiday. I thought going on holiday would be a good idea, but now I remember why it wasn't -_-' So no more artworks until I return home, I don't think, unless the situation changes >_< Sorry to all those people I still need to finish art for, but it will be a while again yet *le sigh* I'm already going into withdrawal O_O i need to paint... waaaahhhhh....

I want to go home already...
Wellll I FINALLY got my phone the other day, and it is just kickass bwahahahahah >XD but the stupid thing is I can't load the software on my computer, dumb thing -_-'
Now I've been painting like craaazy lately, trying to get all different things done o.o I have the request pics to finish now that I'm freed up . Not gonna take anymore requests until I get these done lol and I'm still worried I'll forget one ^.^' After that I have the BIGGEST urge to do some Teen Titans fanart *_* mwee heheh i just luv Beast Boy
Anyway, I think I am going to go back to bed. I've had about 3 hours sleep since yesterday and since it's saturday... sleep in day! Yaaayzzzzzzzzz
I was thinking I should have one of those art competitions. That'd be fun. Not that anyone would enter ^^; but I reckon it'd be cool. Whatcha all think? Comment and tell me, maybe if ya interested or have any ideas? Anyhoo, I'm gonna crawl back into bed now... soft, squishee bed, no more uncomfy springies fo me .......

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I'm sooooo happy today --- mum finally said I could have a NEW mobile phone! After only hours of my arguing my case on and off -- damn I'm good. Or at least, getting better. It took me a year to get a WACOM tablet. Hahaha... I'm so happy XD It's got ... everything... a camera, mp3 player, polyphonic.. blah blah blah.. better than my old phone... it just hurt my fingers and then died. X_x haha anyway, I just had to brag :P yay after months without a phone (maybe I exaggerate a little .....>.>) I finally get a new one. Yaaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo to celebrate if anybody cares the first 2 or 3 people to comment back and congradulate me I would draw a pic for. Digital of course... anime or whatever... colour or b&w, I don't really mind  >.> IF anybody wants haha...

Seeya everybody! ^____^ Have a good day!

BTW everybody who isn't already these people go check out :iconchibi-ninja: and :iconjarez: annnd :iconakira2506: that is all I remember...I hope that worked... o.o... Hey, don't expect too much from me, it's nearly 2am... heehee...

Just a heads up... I was looking through my gallery at some of my older stuff, and they're really bugging me ><. I put most of them in scraps while I decided but now I've thought about it ... Sooooo I'm gonna be taking some of them down, maybe redo them or just leave them down ^_^' not all, just some...

Seeya everybody ^_^
Wellll it's late again, I'm wide awake, and just finished watching a movie. A movie, shame to say, I really liked. A movie that had me bawling my eyes out at the end. Corny at times, but it comes with the territory of..... a Disney movie. Yep... they still get me. And the movie? Brother Bear. I can't help it! I loved the moose brothers... and the mountain goats fighting with their echoes........
Oi... I feel like such a lil baby, haha, sittin' there curled up in mah chair, hugging a pillow... but it was gooood >.>

Now I'm sitting here half painting something, half watching Profiles of Nature on Animal Planet... I watch waaaay to many documentaries... mum threatened to cut me off when I started to compare us to lions and lobsters and dolphins and started in on a story about how I'd seen that crab she was eating just the other night on telly meeting another crab and falling in love...... >.>

I think this lack of sleep is getting to me. O.O...

I'ma reply to comments.. maybe... then... then I might watch some Rurouni Kenshin >.> I'm dead bored though, hoping one of mah friends will come on soon... cos I doubt too many people I know in Australia would be happy if I called 'em at 1.47am... dangit, I'm totally in a different time zone o.O... bah...

Catcha later ... my foot's fallin asleep... maybe i shouldn't sit on it ><
It's really bugging me why I don't want to post any art... so I decided I'll just post some crappy thing and get over it, then go listen to some Bic Runga music heh heh...
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I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't post any art. Not that devART won't let me, but that *I* won't let me... for some reason. It's not even that they're bad... I just ... can't post anything...  >< so weird...

So, just to let anybody reading this know... I don't know if I'll post anything new for a while >.>

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Wahhhh we just had a black out! Albiet it only lasted about 40 minutes, but I was home ALONE with the creepy animals outside, in creepy darkness. And I hate the dark. I actually went outside just so I could have some light -- from the moon. Blegh.. I hate black-outs. And we seem to be getting a lot of them. >< I keep envisioning getting the house broken into or me falling over something and breaking my neck. I'm gonna have bruises all over my legs as it is, from bumping into furniture in search for a torch -_-'


Damn Creepy Music...

Mon Sep 20, 2004, 6:57 AM
I wanted to go to sleep at around 6 pm. Couldn't. Felt sick. Grrr...So I sat up in bed and played Second Sight (which got freaking twisted towards the end... cool psychic powers tho) until I finished the game maybe an hour and a half ago. What a relief! It's all done!

Then it's about 10.30, and I stared at the DVD I'd rented. Gothika. I don't even know if its scary, but people have said it is, and I am scared by freaking possums (I know they're possums, I KNOW they're right outside my window, creeping bug-eyed fluffballs. They're possums. Or maybe cats... I know there's an owl, too... and bats...^^;  wahhhh) and if it's scary, I want to know why I had the bright idea to sit down and watch it in the dead of night.

So after staring at the DVD case for ten minutes, I went a little crazy on my bedroom. I basically shoved all of my furnature into one half of my room and close the doors seperating both.. halfs... of my room... I have a weird room. Anyway... so my computer desk, a dining table (don't ask), another desk (which holds my tv, cds, various media players etc), two chairs (one comfy and one that hurts to sit on), a blue bean-bag an exercise walking thingy and my freaking heavy bed with a wrought iron frame (it took me like ten minutes just to push it from one side of the room to the other, I swear, it's sooo heavy) are all crowded into one blocked off half of my bedroom... there is about a metre squared left of floorspace. Don't ask me why I did this. At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Now it's almost midnight, and I've just been sitting here letting the DVD intro of 'Gothika' play over and over and over again while I waste time on devART... and I want to just click on 'OK' and play the movie, but I'm a chicken (already established in previous journal entry). I don't like watching creepy movies alone ><' haha I don't even have online people to annoy... come on online people!!! get online already lol

Okay I'd better stop wasting this thing with my crap ^^;

I'm gonna press 'play'...

... any minute now...

aaaaany minute now............
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I honestly don't know why I do it to myself. I'm taking a break from playing the PS2 right now, because I'm so freaking scared (from the game) I can't move *whimper* Waaaahhhhhh I can't help it though, I love to scare myself. I just rented the game 'Second Sight' and I'm such a chicken >< I scare sooo easily, plus it doesn't help that it has creepy music and that there are creepy animals right outside my window! EVERY NIGHT! Plus, as I said, I'm a chickenwuss! Waahh where is someone nice and brave to snuggle when I need them?! Mum's no good, she just laughs at me.............. don't laugh at me. Nyaaaahhh!

So anyways I'm just sitting curled up in my chair half staring at the tv screen, heart pounding, typing one-handed while the other clings to the controller, and wishing my stuffed plushy puppy Brian was big enough to cuddle properly... and protect me ><

I'm such a wuss.... but I must play on!

BRING ON THE NIGHTMARES!!! I will be Insomnia personified by the time I am through playing this game!!!

Waii... scary music *trembles*
Along creeps the bad bad boredom. It's only 7pm, for goodness' sake, I shouldn't be this bored. I'm already considering heading to bed -_- I'm too lazy to paint anything, or write anything, and even Monsters Inc. on the telly is looking appealing. Even though (ashamedly) I've seen it way too many times ><' Plus devArt is being spooty and not letting me see thumbnails or anything, only full-views. Hmph. Hahah boy I complain to much.

I have another pic that I wanna post up here, but it may be too naughty for devArt... it has a red gummy bear and a green gummy bear and... a candy-heart ... paddle... *cough* O.o' I'm... twisted. I'll hold off and find something to do until then... or until someone comes online. I'm not desperate enough yet to go hang with my ma and her boyfriend *shudder*

On second thought... anything is better than nothing...

Cheerio! hahaha... I'll be back..
Okay... there is a creepy, moving, noise-making THING right outside my window. Seriously. Like a big thing. There is a flyscreen and a curtain seperating me and that... whateveritis. Maybe a possum or something. Also, there's an owl living in the tree that's outside my window, too.

So I'm now awake while the rest of the house sleeps... and half-watching Conan O'Brien o.O... I seriously need a life. Or a boyfriend. Mooning over Orlando Bloom and Ville Valo is seriously ... sad ^.^' lol I probably should try and get some sleep and not waste this journal thing, cos its not like anyone reads this anyway hehehe I need to be wide awake tomorrow to bug certain family people for copic markers....... heehee

Ta, luvvies


Sat Sep 11, 2004, 11:56 PM
Why is this day so slow?

I'm so bored right now, I'm nearly panicking. I'm afraid I'll get so bored that I'll run out of creative momentum and I won't want to paint for a while anymore. *le sigh* I suppose I'll force myself to start on the next one but something's stifling me...

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