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hey fellas. once again i'm gonna have to put felinia on hiatus - college is getting monstrously busy to the point where it's like i'm working 6 different jobs while having the comic always in the back of my brain. i also have an actual job on top of that, and scary professors who actually need me to do my work (gross) so i can't humanly juggle a consistent schedule for this thing right now (not that it was very consistent to begin with... ahahahaaaaa). 
it like... really really sucks that i'm probably going to lose a lot of my userbase over this but... what can ya do, i'm paying too much money to go to this college for anything else to take priority over it. i love you guys and thank you for all the support youve given me. i hope you can continue to be patient through this time and.... don't forget about me. felinia will return, i promise. 
i'm just really disheartened that i have to do this but i hope it gives me time to focus on other things. i'm working on an animated short like i said, so i won't completely disappear. and if you want to follow me more closely i'm really active on twitter.

i'll still let you guys know when i'm gonna upload a page, but don't expect anything regular, updates will be extremely spotty.

thanks for understanding.
Felinia: Page 8 by Rainy-bleu
Sorry about the wait! as usual you guys are sweet angels and also the best. thanks for your patience <3

Felinia: Page 7 by Rainy-bleu
Felinia: Page 6 by Rainy-bleu
IT'S HERE!!!! Sorry about the long wait!! D:

Felinia: Page 5 by Rainy-bleu
Felinia: Page 4 by Rainy-bleu

Here it is!!! this one gives us some juicy backstory. OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Felinia: Page 3 by Rainy-bleu
Here it is!!!! GO CHECK IT PLS
I'm gonna start doing notifications for these in journal entries in addition to updating the actual deviation!
HEY!!!! EXCITING NEWS!! Felinia now has its own website! If you prefer to read the comic on a site other than this one, go head over there! It also has other features like a cast page and a link to other sites I'm on. Go check it out!!…

I'd like to thank danielius-lt for all his hard work on this website, it paid off and it looks amazing! absolutely all the credit goes to him. PLEASE check out his website too!
hey all! so tomorrow there is going to be some brand new felinia content - i am posting the first page of the prologue. after this i am going to be focusing on reworking the beginning of the story, and after that (hopefully) we will continue where we left off. this was my plan all along - i felt like the beginning had to be stronger in order to continue this story, and the changes i'm making will help with that.

thanks for being patient with me as always, and see you soon!
hey! while you're waiting for felinia, go check out another comic that i am currently doing the art for!
new pages every friday :D
i totally forgot to mention this, but i am off for the summer

and you can expect felinia sometime this month

hey so uhhh. it's been a hot minute huh. i just wanted to pop in and explain some things.
(does anyone read journals here)
-first of all, i havent been very active on here cause of college, but my first year as a freshman is wrapping up very soon so hopefully i'll have some more time for personal art i can post!
-while i've been gone i've had a whole bunch of ideas for personal projects i want to start working on. one of them is in motion! it's an original comic called "are you happy now" which i've just posted the cover for. it's a semi-autobiographical comic and it's very short, but it's very important to me and i've had fun working on it. i hope you all enjoy it once i start posting it.
-i feel really bad about not being able to update felinia, but i can assure you that it's not gone forever! summer is coming and i'm planning to get the ball rolling on it again. thank you all for being so patient with me while i've been so busy.

that's about it! tldr: working on new cool projects, wrapping up first year of college, felinia coming back soon. i'm going to try to be more active on here. thanks for reading!!
hey!! i made an art-only instagram mostly for my finished digital stuff! there's nothing new on there, it's basically like a portfolio/second deviantart. but if you have insta feel free to follow!!
HEYYYY GUYSSSS i have some really exciting news - i got a job doing storyboards for an animated pilot called The Wallflowers!! they just released their kickstarter recently, it would mean the world to me if you checked it out!…

this is super exciting for me as this is my first big freelance project other than standard commission work :') FELLIN' GOOD ABOUT THE FUTURE!!! :star: :star: :star:
i would like to direct all of your attention to this fan comic 
these are just a test run of buttons - if all of em get sold then i'll order more and have more choices available! (and i'll probably make them smaller too, i accidentally ordered these bigger than i thought they were haha)
it would be very appreciated if you checked them out >vo
ALSO thank you so much for the success of the stickers! i will make more of those too! <3 il 570xN.1345385833 9yqy by Rainy-bleu
for now, only the screaming head blaze is available but i will make more if these are successful! GO GO GO GO GET EM!!!!…
i made this as an easier way for you guys to talk to me and talk to each other and stuff, hopefully it's effective! i can't promise i'll be active all the time but i'll try my best <3
also, please read the rules before anything else! thank u <3333
so looks like felinia is going on a bit of a hiatus again, at least for regular updates.
while working on page 151 i realized that there are still a lot of things about this comic i haven't put as much thought and planning  into as i should have, since i pretty much dove in headfirst when i started this whole project. i want to wait and be 100% sure i'm prepared before i progress with the comic, because this story is something i really care about and i want that to reflect in my work. so it's because of this that i've decided to put updates on hold for a bit - plus with college coming up at the end of the month i don't want to make any promises i can't keep.
i'm not stopping the comic - i'm going to continue to work on it whenever i find the time. my plan is to keep posting art on here and twitter (@rainybleuu) and work on felinia in the background. when i build up enough of a buffer i'll go back to regular updates again. until then, i'll try to fill the void by giving you guys sneak peeks every now and then, plus lots of felinia-related art. it would be great if you guys would stick around for my non-felinia related stuff too, because that's something i'm also passionate about.

thanks for understanding everyone. to end off, here is a little something from page 151 for you all:
2017-08-01 At 15-30-24 by Rainy-bleu
hi i'm rainy and i'm kinda pissed off

so i just got this lovely comment this morning:

2017-07-21 At 09-11-35 by Rainy-bleu

now i'm not making this post to start drama with this person because it's not worth my time, but i did want to address this issue with everyone because i feel like this needs to be said

i don't have time to reply to each and every person who comments. that's a fact. it might be hard to believe but i have a life outside of the internet and other things occupy my time aside from checking deviantart every 5 minutes, especially now that i'm 18 and need to figure out and prepare for college and living on my own. there was once a time when i was younger and had more free time and a small enough following to go through every comment and reply to each one, but things change. i currently have 5,154 comments sitting in my inbox and to ask me to sit down and go through each one would be ridiculous. and this isn't just a problem for me. this is the case for a majority of popular artists on here. i am speaking out on behalf of them as i write this.

despite this, when i do find time to check dA, i try to read through most comments i get. i want my fans to know that i appreciate them so much, and each comment i get means the world to me. to call me conceited just because it is physically impossible to reply to everyone on here is laughable. but the fucking nerve of this person to insinuate that i don't appreciate what i've got, that i don't give a shit about my fans, it just really hurts, and i'm sure it hurts other artists too.

so uh, yeah. please don't be like this person. don't be a self-entitled asshole insulting other artists just because they don't reply to you. it's one of the shittiest things you can do. be considerate of people's personal lives and how busy they may or may not be. to those of you who have recognized this from the beginning, i can't tell you how grateful i am. thank you so much for being such good fans. i love all of you and want to make you happy by sharing my art on here.