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spiders verse

my favorite movie!!!
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i am still waiting for a new page felinia:sniff:

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Stop everything!!!!!!!!!! Look at this:

Eddsworld meets Felinia
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:,c i am still waiting for a new page

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Tell the artist who made it.

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Mas diez porque si es verdad.

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why is this account dead?

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she actually works on a seperate project known as "Satina" look it up on youtube its an animated short and there is a full pilot episode now

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Wait this is the same bloke who wrote Satina?

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Well that she wont the comic for a very very long time isnt it
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bc he/she is doing the whole satina thing

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Well I know about satina

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It's my favorite movie as well, The animation was so awesome. Really love the art!

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I like the direction of this drawing, it makes you look at gwen then parker then miles. It sorda guides your eyes to the main focuse which is miles. I like the touch of perspective. :) I defiantly cant do that. :P
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oh man i’ve watched this movie like 6 times already!!! the animation and details are so  g o o d
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I need to re watch this again, it’s been awhile.
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my favorite movie too!! also happy late birthday :3
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Why did you put it under the video game fan arts category?
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Literally in the middle of watching it again lol
Awesome and Epic
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from this year, yeah for me
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