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happy mother's day lucia is your mom now
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I wonder what Lucia looks like in Angel form

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Only just discovered this show, and I love Lucia. Easily the best character
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Love how most of the comments are on Satina wanting water XD
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I feel like she is perpetually disappointed in pretty much any child, no matter who they are. But if you were in charge of Hell and delegating the punishments of sinners, you'd probably have a bit of a dour outlook on pretty much everything.
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Does she hate Dave?
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Honestly given some of the posts on her twitter.

'Hard to say, quite possibly yes, but also probably not'
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Give me glass of h20 mother
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I  R E Q I U R E  C L E A R  R O C K  F L U I D  B I R T H C R E A T U R E.
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"Rememmber kids. Your Mom doesn't love you."
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I wonder if she ever ponders on how she got stuck with a family like Dave and Satina. 
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Adorable!  *Hugs her*
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Not sure that would go well, she's the devil afterall (or at the very least a high ranking demon). 
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Eastern Bluebird Yep, I have nothing to say. So... yep.Robin 
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