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what if i drew myself in my favorite outfit but i was disintegrating and also the background was piss yellow
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Eh. Happens to me on a daily basis.
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Mr.Piemations, I don't feel so good
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the large eyes with the realistic cheekbones make this seem a bit like david bowie, i love it
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"I don't feel so good..."
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Disintegrating don't seem to be a big deal for you ;)
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when u got in the mood to draw but then you get to the hands and legs and realise you cant be fucked to do them

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I cracked the code. piss yellow for pissed off
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now THIS is epiq, love the composition :00
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I don't feel so good 
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"also the background was piss yellow"

You should really drink more water. It's good for ya.
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is piss not suppose to be yellow?
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Not when you're hydrated.
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when you get thanos snapped but don't care

btw p epic
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Is felinia coming in summer?
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How is she supposed to draw? She has no hands.
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