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Satina Poster!!!

the next episode is coming this fall (:
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Hey Hannah, I am a new fan of yours and I wanna ask,

Since Satina likes ‘Flesh and Blood’, did she one time ever got tempted to eat Dave her own father when she got hungry? not that she would eat him lol

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Love your work Hannah! My copy from sharkrobot arrived a few days ago. It's too bad you and your friends couldn't sign it. That would've been sweet. Keep up the great work!

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I have a question about this:
What'd Lucy see in him anyway?
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Can't wait for episode 2!!!!!!!!!!
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These dynamics will be very fun to see explored. Satina messing things around on Earth as she seeks to spend time with her daddy Dave, Lucia being driven up the wall both by how much of a ball of sunshine Satina is and by how painfully human Dave is, Dave being flabbergasted by the chaos that Satina brings with her and how humorless Lucia is... among other things.
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Oh this short was funny

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So you're the bright mind behind that short I saw on youtube, You're great!

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Is there anyway Dave can turn into a demon? So he'd fit in
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"Oh suuure, everyone asks 'Hey Dave how did you fuck the 80 foot tall demon queen?' It's never 'Hey Dave, how are you doing? Did you have a good day at work?'...I DIDN'T, by the way."
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hey buddy I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer would you like a glass water?
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you know the tooth fairy? its actually satina, the tooth goblin
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I wonder if this will become an animated series...
I really expect it to be it
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it actually is one already? you don't need the ok from big studios to just make an animated series
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Not when it's your own show and everything in it is original
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im kinda havin a hard time understanding what you mean, but my point is this is technically an animated show because well its animated, and there are more episodes on the way. It doesn't have to be brodcast on tv or something to "actually become an animated series" or somethin
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theres' gonna be another episode?? fuck yea,,,
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how karen won half my soul during the divorce.
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Are we just going to ignore the fact that this man f$^ed a demon? And she apparently doesn't like him. 
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That's ALL that is talked about regarding this upcoming web series. I bet this is the biggest reason people are supporting it.

In Shreck on the other hand, a donkey somewhat impregnated a Dragon. THAT is weird as fuck
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The thing between Donkey and Dragon is that they actually love each other. This looks like a regular divorced family where the mom can't stand her husband or her little hell spawn. 
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