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Rainy Bleu - New Reference Sheet 2015

HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT. i finally came up with a reference sheet layout that i'm happy with (praise felis) so i'm going to use it to complete the ref collection for all my characters!! look out for the rest of em and let me know what ya think (; any suggestions about the layout would be greatly appreciated!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Rainy is definitely based on me, but she's supposed to be a more exaggerated, representational version of me. i feel like she's closer to being a character all her own than a self-insert, which is one of the reasons why she's not even my age. so don't assume that every single thing she is and does reflects me perfectly!

in other words, my fursona is me, but i'm not my fursona, if that makes sense. 
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why does she looks like a boy ( I thought it was a boy )

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I think shes the best

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This is lovely; me and Rainy have such similiar personalities!
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omg I love you

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then why don`t ya`ll marry her

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what was this made in?

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I is new here and when I saw Rainy was a girl I almost choked
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The cat isn't me, but I am not the cat.
What could this mean?
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Holy shet this is legit me
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"Rainy is my fursona"

I have watched you for over a couple of months and I have only just realised that less than an hour ago...
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i subscribed to your channel!
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TeddyHeadcrab's avatar
wait a second... my fursona has the exact same personality!!! shes always happy, and likes cold better than hot! WOW!
Their so beautiful! I love it! Keep up the good work! :D
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Rainy is a girl????? But I had the perfect voice for him/her!
I feel i have been lied to my entire life
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Idk why, but for some reason I really like it when you can't see a character's nose. Not always, but for some characters it really works.
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we call it an Aego or more commonly known as a second skin, if for a good example, a video game character would be considered a second skin of which you utilize to manipulate another world.
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What's a heterosexual?
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A sexuality when a male loves a female or vice versa
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Well at least it doesn't mean gay
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