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Felinia: Page 139

By Rainy-bleu
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Western standoffs are so damn cool

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there is going to be drama soon.
and blaze is just confused.

"he's perfect" lol
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The last panel is an anime
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That’s what I was gonna say!
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That brown one would also be a cute potential love interest...
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Am I the only one who has noticed the similarities between Blaze and Len design wise? Like, all the other felinians have rounded ears and smooth shoulder fur and are all around not as fluffy (lol like kinda scruffy I guess Idk) as Len and Blaze, who have little floofs on their shoulders and pointed ears (Len has forked ears also, and Blaze doesn't, except for the one Swift ripped)

Plus, judging from Len's reaction at the news of Blaze being a forest dweller, he seems surprised and angry at Rainy for bringing Blaze to their home. And he is the only one other than Alex featured in that one panel were Alex is gushing over Blaze. Standing in the back by the couch, with his face masked in shadows...

But could it be possible that Len is ALSO part fox/forest dweller? Especially after factoring in his role on the main Felina poster, where he ALSO makes an appearance in the bottom left, with what seems to be a sad/annoyed/peeved expression...

Maybe... but hey!

thanks for reading....

(Disclaimer: borrowed from Game Theory on YouTube lol)
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This theory is brilliant and I agree with it. Props to you.
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Thank! It had never occurred to me when I first read it, but then one day it just BAM it hit me. Its undeniable how similar those two are.
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I think rainy will hit us with a bombshell when this is explained in the comic.
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Oh I hope so. This comic is so juicy and exciting, I'm sh00k
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Len and Blaze's colour patterns match pretty closely.
You know, with the whole

Arms, tail, ear tips, legs and belly being either a darker shade of their fur colour or white.... I mean common, I can't be the ONLY one to have noticed this stuff!
Just me?
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i lov how the last 2 frames look sort of anime-ish with expressions oh my g0sh
i dont even like anime

i just love the great expressions
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So awesome XD CoUgh he's 'Purrfect'
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And he all-ready has someone who dislikes him 8D
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When you have that One Hater.
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Is Blaze supposed to be handsome??? IDK what I'am even trying to ask...
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only if you think he is ;)
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he is perfect :3
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Look who's jealously jealous!
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