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Felinia: Page 138

By Rainy-bleu
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For some reason it looks like a pose for a horror whats-so-ever.

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Blaze is like lord no I don’t wanna go in. Heh

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Ok....I think Blaze is like "Pls no"

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that does not look like the face of someone that would work in the house.
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Now I finally get it. Rainy because their color of fur is blue like water. Almost sounds like humans giving their cats pet names....
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Who would've thought that this Blaze guy would share a lot in common with me. 
EyeAndStarCollector's avatar
omg, Blaze is me in any social situation basically
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His face is like "Oh hell no" XD!!
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me when im meeting my friends' friends
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the husbando is shyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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That reminds me so much.. I feel ok when being with small group of friends..
But whenever I get introduced to new people, I get all anxious thinking they won't like me, etc... xD
I can relate with Blaze...
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I just har this when Blaze is going to show himself: "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN
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Meeting new people=shy blaze  In blaze's book
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oh poor thing oh no she didn't~meeting new peoplePearl, Chill The Frick Out 

Blaze may need a bush to hide in hide  
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I'd probably react like Blaze too. "I'm meeting too many people at one go.
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*Peers into door with blind eye*
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"What the hell is happening. Oh wait."
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