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Felinia: Page 137

By Rainy-bleu
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it's time you all learned a very important piece of information: Len Is A Tool


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Did anyone else give Len the voice of HellBent?
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Oh my god I didn't even know I was doing that until you mentioned it.
Though I can also kinda imagine a Ron Swanson voice.
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I feel like I'm a mix of cookie and mimi, and my brother is len. My brother can be a real tool sometimes, and I'm just saying try facts but he's like: NOPE DATS WRONG M8!! IM SMARTER THAN U. And I made just like: but you don't even draw. DRAWING MAKES U SMURT
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to think I found this comment because you commented on a youtube video about a skyrim glitch that involves flying tigers
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i don't even remember that holy shIT
prorrie's avatar…

I wonder if meme magic brought me here, now that i think of it
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I bet Felis has a lisp, its just what he looks like that makes me think that.

Also I aint sure if Felis is the one with the braces
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that's gizmo. felis is their god
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i am the holey ghost, aren't i....

jk, jk
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I found out his name is Gizmo!
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i love len i play as these guys at school for some reason is that copyright...? XD
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my friend made an OC. yaaayyyyyyyyy
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Imagine if they actually went out on that search party, imagine their reactions to Blaze.
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"Am I the only responsible one around here?"
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Wait the painting behind Rainy and Mimi changes, in panel one the right leg is closer to the arm and basically the opposite, while in the last two panels there's also a tail and the leg is straighter

well I can't even background why am I even saying anything 
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because it's not 5 yet
Silverthepiratefox's avatar
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Be patient. Rainy can't just magically update when you want them to, ok? They have art to work on, school, life, etc. So be patient please. 
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why isn't this comment featured
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