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By Rainy-bleu
so I decided to redo the old cover because 1) iIchanged the name and a few important details of the plot, and 2) the old style was physically hurting me to look at. so I made this and i feel like it does a LOT better job of representing the comic : D

now that this new cover is up, I'm going to work bit by bit on tweaking the first few pages - i'm not going to redo them entirely (since i want to focus that energy on creating new pages) but there are way too many errors to just let 'em slide. all in all though, i'm super excited about the future of this comic and i hope you guys are too! thank you so much for sticking with me this long - this comic is two years old already and i appreciate every single comment, favorite, and fanart i've gotten since :heart:

LAST BIT OF NEWS: I made some major changes to the Felinia tumblr blog to make it more webcomic-friendly! it's still under construction, but I recommend checking it out and maybe giving it a follow if you will!


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im reading this after online school
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Ohhh my god it took me forever to find this again!
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I came across Felinia while browsing.  Read about random 5 pages, then went to page 1 and read the whole thing.  I love it.  It is freaking awesome.   It was quite a roller-coaster.  Can't wait for more pages.
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I have a theory, a random one on why Len is on the cover, cause out of ALL characters in the comic, the main ones had to be on (DuH), but a random character Len on there made me really think!

Soo here goes my grammar is bad btw!:

This was a theory that someone else made, by looking at the simularities of Len and Blaze! If u pay attention and look closly, the fur patterns are nearly the same, its just the colours that are different! (No they are no siblings how is that possible XD) Another thing is that both Blazes and Lens ears are more pointed, like a foxes, or parhaps like wolves? And they both have fur sticking out on their shoulders, legs and arms, something which the other cats didnt have! This might mean that maybe, just maybe Len might be half fox/(wolf??) and half cat! That might explain why he was so shocked to hear that Blaze was also a hybrid! 
He might have been afraid that everyone would compare him and Blaze and notice that Len might also be hybrid! That might explain why he wanted Blaze to leave, even though he was only going to stay for a bit!

What if, Len might have been working with the shadow wolves? Or what if he had some big part in the story, as just a villian or someone who despised Blaze and tried to stop him from doing whatever he was gonna do?

Also, on the cover his expression makes him stand out from everyone else! The main characters (Blaze, Rainy and Marina) had scared and one a closed eye expressions. Swift looked like he was a mix of regret and angerish, hes looking at the ground, and Len, looked like he hated those 4 others and he also looked angry, he was even staring at them from the corner of his eyes! He might play a big role later on but right now I dont have a real clue what he will do, these are just ideas and stuff!

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Well, I just want to say that I'm going to leave here a constructive criticism highlighting the most important factors that make this Comic one of the best I've ever read.


Here I do not have to say that there are not enough words to describe how amazing is the style of the drawings and the design of the characters. Simply the design of the backgrounds and drawings of the prologue are so well elaborated that, when I try to make a page without letters it took me more than 1 day to do all the details, although they will not be as good as the original. What I have to say that I like most is the anatomy and the way you design the bodies, along with the expressions that are too funny and great for me, make me fall in love so much with the naked eye, that if they asked me to classify it 1 to 10, I would give that is 50 and a like that would not reach.

My Rating: 50/5!


Oh Felis, what to say about this, the plot is interesting and involving, it makes me feel that I am living it, the plot has me stuck to the screen for more than 8 hours, only to be able to analyze it, understand it and finally love each fragment of it, simply something like that is never seen, including that in the Comic it appears as many think that the human race will end, and that the cats thus do in a spectacular way. I fell in love with the idea of ​​the Felinian society, the division of the civilized and the wild give an incredible twist to the plot complementing the trip of Blaze to the city. The theme of the Shadow Wolves and Angel, I found very interesting, it really seems like a great rivalry between the leader of the Shadow Wolves and Angel, it's like a battle of thousands of years between Good and Evil, I'm very excited for see what will happen.

My Score: 50/5!


-Blaze Smith-

Before reading the comic it seemed a bit bitter and annoying and I thought that this character would not please me at all, but seeing his story is his step and that he really is not like that, he became one of my favorite characters. His personality perfectly contrasts his past which justifies it. Its appearance is simple but incredibly striking and great.

My Score: 10/5!

-Marina Smith-

One of my favorite characters, being a good mother who does whatever for her family, who did not care about any risk while her family was safe and united. What I liked the most was her optimism and desire to make those she loves happy, no matter what, that she was always willing to sacrifice herself for someone close to her. Even though I saw the world with rose-colored glasses (Recycled phrase of its description xd) I feel that it seemed to me that I did not see the truth of things very well. Its design is simple but at the same time I fell in love.

My Rating: 4/5


At first I liked this character and I liked him, I thought he would defend his son no matter what, but as I continued to advance in the comic, I hated it more and more, with what he did to Blaze, I stopped liking and really just wanted to watch it burn in hell.

My Score: 1/5

-Rena "Rainy" Bleu

I'll admit, at first I thought that this character was a boy (It was before reading the comic and to see the file with attention), You can not blame me, much thought this, I even surprised one of my friends when I told him. This is my favorite female character with Mimi and Cookie, her personality is just like me, a little distracted and silly, seeing the positive things, curious about the people she knows recently, sometimes I also panic, but to believe that everything is arranged with a positive attitude is what I like the most. She cares about her friends and loves the story and what the Felinians have achieved, I completely identify with the character. Regarding its design, like the others it is simple but the color palette loved it.

My Score: 10/5!

-Mimi Angora-

As for Mimi, the first time I saw her profile I thought she would be more shy than she is and I did not think she could be a bit cynical, but love her personality. The fact that I was a Lesbian and that I had a girlfriend, I liked it a lot, because I am an open-minded person and I mostly like to find heterosexual characters as well as homosexuals living together. Her color palette seems calm and fresh, it reminds me of mint, I just love it.

My Score: 8/5!

-Alex Walker-

Here the same thing happened with Mimi, I loved that he was homosexual. His energy was very contagious and I produced happiness and grace in the scenes where he appeared, when I read his little description, seriously I laughed with the "Sweep Blaze at his feet". His incredible kind behavior with Blaze knowing that he likes it, gives me an incredible feeling of happiness, since in fact I have a character that treats the same way who likes and blushes every time he sees it. My favorite scene was when Blaze came into the house and he said "He's PER-fect!" I love its design, it reminds me a lot of candy, possibly a coffee caramel, especially for the incredible energy it possesses.

My score: 5/5

-Len Cunningham-

Felis, help me not to want to hit this character. Even though I do not hate him as much as Swift, Len just does not like me very much, since it seems a bit racist that he will behave and talk about Blaze that way, especially because he was with Rainy, and really the friendship between Rainy and Blaze seemed tender, funny and real. I do not know why, but I have the feeling that he plans something to get rid of Blaze, but I still can not confirm anything. His design seems quite good and combines with his personality, the fact that it is a little different from the rest of Felinians in terms of some physical characteristics, has led to a few theories that make me more curious about the character.

My Score: 4/5 Why not?

Edit, a day later:

Ok, I retract, I do not hate Len so much anymore, I was seeing other drawings by Rainy, and I realized that he also had a hard past, so he may justify it, besides forgetting the fact that in his description he says he only behaves like this to cover his own faults. So now I change my score to ...

7/5! Not much change, but at least I do not hate it that much anymore.

-Valentine Hertz-

I do not have much to say about this character, simply that her positivism and energy is quite funny, in addition to talking so much and too fast gives her that touch that completes it. The detail of not knowing much about her despite everything she talks about makes me want to discover more details about her. Her expressions are super fun and the way he moves is in a great way. Her physique as much as your color palette I like, I quite like the pink tones she has and her 2 tails make it special among the rest.

My score: 5/5

-Calliana "Cookie" Walker-

As I said before, this character She is very pleased, because how small she is but that she is so intelligent and educated makes her quite tender and pleasant. What I like the most and amused by is that they interrupt her at every moment, and I imagine that she is like "Internal Screams". I identify with the fact that he has a nickname that she hates, because sometimes I also get one, besides we are both short. Her colors are pleasing to the eye and the spot on his eye gives it a super tender touch, it reminds me of a characteristic that my Fursona possessed in her first versions.

My score: 8/5!

-Melvin "Gizmo" Geer-

One of my favorite male characters, I love his interest in technology and that he likes to eat, for what I understand. I must admit that sometimes I want to be taken seriously, although sometimes it is difficult, and I find it interesting and useful that I know how to fix things when they do not work anymore. His design is what I like most about him, his cool colors and well combined, especially in the body part that goes from dark turquoise to white, his brakes are my favorite feature because they make it look very Kawaii (Also, I also I have brakes)

My score: 9/5!

-Lorellai "Lolly" Miller-

I do not have much to talk about this character, because she still does not appear in the Comic, but according to what I read in her file and description, it is a little unfriendly , sarcastic and coquettish (Besides loving the sweets), I found an interesting personality. The theme of which is opposite to Mimi, I like it, because although they are different, they support each other, being that Mimi reassures her when she is angry and she in exchange to Mimi to be more sociable, this detail seemed to me so cute. Her design is quite good, his hair, his marks, the color palette, everything I liked a lot.

My Rating: 6/5
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Also (asking about now 2018) where is Nira and Swift, and what in the world happened to the shadow wolfs and Angel XD WHAT IS HAPPININ.
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Never quiet knew why Len was on this.
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Check his design style and compare it with blaze,  then compare len to the other cats in the city lol
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I just thought maybe someone else would be there, so I just didn’t know, I even thought it could maybe be a future character.

Also I see how far the story has gone it will be interesting to see how this falls back into the story with the shadow wolves
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Felinia character descriptions by Rainy-bleu


Felinia: Page 145 by Rainy-bleu

The bottom panal, look at valintines tails!
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Yeh, would be quite a cool twist if len actually worked for the shadow wolves, or maybe Valentine Hertz! (In a profile description of each character, its says that valentine mysteriously has 2 tails, and in one panel you can clearly see ONE TAIL IS SEWED ON! Also, it says in her profile that she is often dispearing or gone for quite some time for no absolute reason and no one is sure why! What if she was sneaking off to meet the shadow wolves??)
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Hi hi hi! Can i do a voice over for dis comic! Annnnd you get credit I butter on it! A lot of crap has happened lately and I really need something to concentrate on so I can get over it and the pain goes away, it'd be a huge help. But I honestly don't mind, it's up to you, well, of course it is seeing as it's your comic xD
Anyways ye thought I'd ask your permission.. Sorry my words are so muddled up ^^; I hope you understand
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oh mannnn I just discovered this comic like a week ago and I've already gone through the whole thing up to now. seeing how much it's improved over a few years is super inspiring and the art style you developed is so recognisble and likeable omg. I love it!
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thanks so much!!! :'D i'm glad you like it <3
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From what I think, everyone in the cover is gonna play a huge part in the story. Blaze is already the main character, Marina and Swift already had a huge impact on Blaze's life (and might play another big part) and Len and Rainy could possibly help out Blaze or something. Sora said she would come back, though she didn't know when, and the characters on the bottom half of the cover are more than likely the bad guys. But hey, that's just a theory. A DEVIANT ART COMIC THEORY. Thanks for reading!
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Eh I think len might be a evil character though
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I still believe Swift can be good . . .
//More wheeze//
Tell me he comes back later to fix his mistakes . . .
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awesome! apparently i didnt come in time to see the old cover, can u link it to me somehow? kinda wanna see it :D
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Swift is turned away

and he was evil

and len is turned away...
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