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a BIG OL COMPILATION of commissions i've done over the past two years, these account for maybe 20% of all of them because i only included the best/most transparent ones. something to prove that i am constantly drawing i guess, even though i don't post everything here.
sometimes i forget the sheer amount of these that i've done and then this happens and i cry
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It's okay if you dont want to show that you draw p*nies

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i see sniper,Johnny jostar and gyro
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Ayyyyye i think i see chalk from chalkzone. :3
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i can't see my commission, disappointing, instant unsub :3
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is that skateboard jesus in the corner??
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Hey hey! I see my kitty boi in purple! Quality commissions here 
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Don't You Think I Won't See My Boi Junkrat Back there! ... god i love him so much i wish i could see the whole thing xD
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aw shit yeah my boi Zakc is in there peeking up from the bottom left XD
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damn. Can I commission you if I have a small loan of a million dollars?
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It would be great if I knew the names of them.
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Awwwww how cute!
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How long did it took you to draw all this?
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Aw damn my boy Chungo didn't make it lol

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Epic work on this group shot. ^^
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Wow, you have been working hard!
Guess that makes sense why you stopped drawing the comic. I can get that.
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Woa, this is impressive :wow:
My favourite is furry jesus on a skateboard, he rocks
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I can see the Off Saving the World characters, Macy, Talon and Nova!^^
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