Ver1.3.1   (2018-9-9)
- CPU measure add cores support
- Weather measure setting add city search history support
Ver1.3   (2018-9-8)
- Add CPU,RAM measure
- Add "onDataChanged" event for measures
- Add "Charging" state detect for Battery measure
Ver1.2.2   (2018-9-6)
- Add Battery Measure
- Add auto create custom menuitem option for measure
- fixd the prolem of drive measure error when cdrom eject
Ver1.2.1   (2018-9-5)
- Add DriveType,Eject support for Drive Measure
- fixd the prolem of not display empty drive
Ver 1.2  (2018-9-5)
- Add Drive Measure,support list all of the drives include USB when USB drive insert.
- Fixed the problem of open HTML Link in widget.

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