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Armor Guweiz LWP by Jimking
Gunslinger by Raiko LWP by Jimking
Samurai Girl 2 Guweiz LWP by Jimking
Samurai Girl 3 Guweiz LWP by Jimking
Theme Wallpaper
DigiOne by mayank1907
dev edition minimal BW by Chris-Info-Service
hud zen edition MG by Chris-Info-Service
hud zen edition GW by Chris-Info-Service
Goku Luffy Naruto by Jimking
Sasuke Uchiha Electricity by Jimking
Venti Genshin Impact by Jimking
Eren Titan by Jimking
Overwatch Mercy Sexy by Jimking
Cammy pool by Jimking
Sexy n Happy Girl by Jimking
Last origin Charlotte 16+ by Jimking
Forza Horizon by Jimking
Speeding Sports Car by Jimking
Toyota Tokyo by Jimking
Slyline GTR Car Animated Wallpaper by Jimking
Futuristic Room Apartment by Jimking
Shooting Stars Night City by Jimking
Bike Girl Futuristic City by Jimking
Reflection-Night City by Jimking
Ice Dragon by Jimking
Kindred the Eternal Hunters by Jimking
Lighthouse Whale Clouds by Jimking
Pandora Avatar by Jimking
Resident Evil 8 Village LWP by Jimking
Little Nightmares 2 LWP by Jimking
Cyberpunk 2077-Night City Outskirts by Jimking
Cyborg Warrior by Jimking
HiTech Effects
Abstract Flames by Jimking
Tron Lines Motion Graphics by Jimking
Tron Retro 80s Style Motion by Jimking
Moving Background LWP by Jimking
Cute Santa Girl by Jimking
Elf Shoe by Jimking
Cool Halloween Live Wallpaper by Jimking
Electric Heart by Jimking
Blue Ice Water by Jimking
Pet and Animal
Tiger Resting By River by Jimking
Plants and Nature
Icy River by Jimking
Midnight Surfing by Jimking
Drake Caterpillar Star Citizen by Jimking
Web Wallpaper
Wallpaper abstract by siulzz
Abstract Human by Jimking
Q: Why can not display video live wallpaper?
A: 1. RainWallpaper uses hardware acceleration for videos for optimal performance unlike most video players. This means that your graphics card drivers may influence the way videos look.You need to reset the video options in your graphics control panel for your Nvidia/AMD/Intel graphics card to fix this.
If you have a laptop, make sure to reset it for all of them.
You can also reinstall the driver and choose to reset all settings ("clean re-installation") to do this, this is possible with Nvidia's drivers, for example. If your drivers do not offer you to perform a clean re-installation, first uninstall your old drivers and then install the new graphics card drivers.
2. Make sure Windows Media Player is installed and open the wallpaper video in Windows Media Player.

Q: Why can not display desktop icons?
A: 1. Make sure your Windows had enabled Aero
   2. Adjust Windows System "System Properties>>Performance Options>>Visual Effects" to "Adjust for best appearance"
    3. Please add RainWallpaper EXE and Path to your AntiVirus Software's Trust-White-List and Restart computer
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