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I'm an animator on Hilda!

I also animated on The Lion Guard


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FaithHowler Digital Artist
Your animation on The Lion Guard is phenominal!! I'd love you to animate my character sometime! (Would be a paid job <3 Don't worry I don't beg XD)
rainvine Filmographer
I use toonboom rigs, do you have a character rig? 

I also don't do commissions but if you have a rig I miiiiight consider it  :) 

Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it!!! 
FaithHowler Digital Artist
ah I currnetly don't however knowing that you might consider it I am inclined to go make one! :O

(I need to make one anyway for a future series I'm working on! :') )

PS. Your work on The Lion Guard is wonderful! Honestly out of all the scenes in that episode, yours was the most fluid! You should be proud ^_^
rainvine Filmographer
thank you!!!! that means a lot to me, I put my heart and soul into my stuff and worked extra hours to make it look nice :) :) still just a junior animator though, my coworkers are way better!!!!! 

Lots of tutorials online for making a rig- it's what I call a "super drawing" because it's a drawing made of hundreds of little drawings that you can move, manipulate to give it the look of hand-drawn animation if done right (it's not too hard once you learn how!) 
benagremiHobbyist Digital Artist

just checked your wixsite since i dont know how to use deviantart properly lol,

and OH BOY, you doing just amazing in arts, with all the layouts and all the character designs.

I'm so proud of you n mean it!! Love Tards

rainvine Filmographer
Thanks a lot!! I should really update it. 

Btw I think you are awesome, I have fb if you want to ever add me, I don't ask very often- you're the fourth person in yeeears from deviantart. www.facebook.com/RaenTwindlynn
benagremiHobbyist Digital Artist

Added you! <3

Btw do you have instagram? That's the only thing i use the most hehe