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first come first serve. Comment below with the form filled out to claim. If your oc's design is a little complicated I'll charge a few bucks extra but if I feel like I can't draw your characters then I'll politely decline. One character per slot. You're allowed to claim more than one

Refs: [refs of your oc]
Personality: [Optional! Preferably a few words! If their personality is pretty obvious from their refs you don't need to bother]
Expression: [this is pretty optional since you're already giving me their personality description but if you want their face to display a specific expression then please feel free to specify!]
Outfit: [tell me if you want me to draw clothes straight from the ref or if you're alright with me drawing your character in whatever outfit I want. If you let me have free reign I'll keep their palette and clothing style relatively similar]
Background: [Y/N? All commissions come with a simple background like what you see in my gallery! If you don't want it just let me know]
Extra: [Specifics that you'd like me to stick to like if your character has freckles on their face but SPECIFICALLY ONLY SEVEN or things you definitely don't want me to do like drawing your character with closed eyes or drawing them in profile view]
Applefiend Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016   Digital Artist
Are these only for pre-existing characters or could these work as a sketchpage adopt? :o
raintie Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
they're for pre-existing characters only!
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June 28, 2016


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