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Well dang, do you like my art? Want to see your sweet, sweet ocs in my style? WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK BECAUSE WOAH!!! I'm taking commissions for the first time in a million years. Some commission options might have unlimited slots, but others will definitely have a set number.

if you want to commission me for a character that doesn't have a clear image ref (as in your character only has a written description of what they look like and you want me to draw them based on that) please add an extra $7 per character like this. 

I reserve the right to reject any request that I feel like I can't do but that's probably not going to be likely unless your character is like... a complicated rpg character with heck lot of details. But if you have an oc with a complicated outfit but are willing to let me draw them in a simpler outfit then I'd be down with that!

PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU'RE INTERESTED! If I accept your commission I'll note you back with my paypal. I require full payment beforehand. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Commission type: [ex. fullbody couple, sketchpage, waist up single]
Character(s): [your oc's name(s)]
Refs: [refs of your oc]
Personality: [Optional! Preferably a few words! If their personality is pretty obvious from their refs you don't need to bother]
Expression: [this is pretty optional since you're already giving me their personality description but if you want their face to display a specific expression then please feel free to specify!]
Relationship: [this only applies to couple pictures. Tell me if their relationship is platonic, romantic, etc. Let me know how they interact with each other]
Outfit: [tell me if you want me to draw clothes straight from the ref or if you're alright with me drawing your character in whatever outfit I want. If you let me have free reign I'll keep their palette and clothing style relatively similar]
Background: [Y/N? All commissions come with a simple background like what you see in my gallery! If you don't want it just let me know]
Filter: [Y/N? Do you want me to filter your picture to hell and back at no extra cost? Would you rather me not... do that thing.... It's all up to you]
Extra: [Specifics that you'd like me to stick to like if your character has freckles on their face but SPECIFICALLY ONLY SEVEN or things you definitely don't want me to do like drawing your character with closed eyes or drawing them in profile view]

Please feel free to ask me for edits if you need to! I definitely don't mind going back to fix markings or hair if I did it wrong but I'm unwilling to do big changes like redrawing a character's pose. If you've been waiting on your commission for a month+ don't hesitate to ask me about it! Even if I haven't forgotten about it I definitely don't mind helping to ease any worries you might have about your commission being done. I'll update the journal whenever a slot for a commission type is completely closed or if something opens again. You'll probably get sick of seeing this journal so I apologize beforehand lmfao

max 2 characters per picture! Singles and couple pictures are done on a 500x600 canvas. Sketchpages are done on a 500x500 canvas. Waist ups depend on how much I need to stretch the canvas but it's still a similar size to my other drawings.


neapolitan by raintie Sweet-n-treat by raintie MELTING SKY by raintie

Fullbody Single:

            - Couple: $ 
spilled highlighters by raintie skull candy by raintie warning sign by raintie

Sketchpage (singles only): $ 

LUCKY LOVE RECIPE by raintie EAT UP by raintie Parfait by raintie
(note that waist ups are going to look like the middle example with miru and ji-eun. If you want something like the first or last picture that frames their body then you can either pay an extra $5 for something simple like the first one or an extra $11 for a wrap around border with your choice of theme! [ex. desserts, gothic items, stuffed animals, etc. It'll probably end up having food in it anyway because I love food lmfao])

Waist Up Single: $ 

            - Couple: $ 

☆★SPECIAL SPRINKLETS DISCOUNT!★☆ A special thank you for enjoying my species! This applies to sprinklets only. If you want a couple commission with a sprinklet but the other character isn't one, the discount still applies! If a commission option isn't listed here then it has no discount.

Fullbody Single: $10

            - Couple: $20

Sketchpage (singles only): $40

LovelyInfected Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
holy shit i need to save up just a bit more ; __ ; but im afraid by the time i actually get money you'll be full
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