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SOCKET by raintie SOCKET by raintie
Socket works in an import store that sells a variety of oddities but mostly paper lanterns. He's tall and friendly but there is just something off about him and the store he works in that you can't put your finger on and usually dismiss. Sometimes two little toy skulls follow him around but that's only because they like him so much. You figure that Socket knows a few magic tricks and keeps the skulls afloat with invisible string or other forms of illusion. Because toy skulls do not float on their own and you are not going to tap into the possibility of any supernatural activity going on because that's ridiculous and you're not crazy.

The store seems to disappear sometimes and reappear in different locations but you like to tell yourself that you just keep forgetting the directions and you still don't think you're crazy.

Sometimes you forget about Socket and the import store altogether, though you honestly aren't this forgetful but you suppose that its only normal that people forget things from time to time. Of course, you never forget completely because the memory is there only blurry and obscured like it was part of a dream.

But then the memory returns suddenly when you don't expect it and you remember who Socket is again and the import store that he works in. You never seem to quite remember where the store is exactly but it always seems to find you anyway.
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You know smoking is bad, right?
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