Character Purge

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It's come to my attention I may have too many characters and quite a few are just sitting there collecting dust, so thought a purge needed to take place.

I accept:
Amazon Gif Cards
iTunes Gift Cards
Paypal (USD)

Soulfoxes -paid $20 and did art - -paid $60 -paid $10 sold to ArtisticFlowers -paid $20 -paid $45 -paid $40
All of these are registered on the master list, any further questions feel free to ask

Glaticats -paid $6

Waterdogs -paid $90

Non-Closed Species
feel free to offer on anyone else non-cs; but please steer clear of the mains…
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I'm very interested in your waterdog!…
I have this starsweet! They have more art and I have the credit that I can link you to if you are interested