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X-Men: Evolution OC Tournament

CAN IT BE?! ARE THE LEGENDS TRUE?! Yes. Well, maybe embellished a bit, but still true! The :iconevo-obsessed-club: and the :iconthebrotherhoodclub: have teamed up to do the unthinkable, have an Original Character contest. More than a contest, it's a TOURNAMENT!

This idea, gratefully borrowed from the :iconstar-trekking: club, is the first ever official OC Tournament in the fandom. I think you've all been painfully aware of :iconblazerocket: and my disdain for the inclusion of fan characters in our contests. Well, now there's a WHOLE TOURNAMENT dedicated to it for you to OC up all you want!

[EDIT]: I've removed the original rules from this description and have posted them in a handy-dandy journal at #TheBrotherhoodclub.

:iconstarplz:PLEASE SEE THE OFFICIAL RULES HERE:iconstarplz:

(they are more complete than the rules in this description were).

Welcome to the first ever official X-Men: Evolution OC Tournament!!

Tournament Phase 1 Begins: October 1st
Tournament Phase 1 Ends: October 31st

Promo: *BlazeRocket and me. Blaze drewed the X-Men, I drewed the Brotherhood and put it all together. :B
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aw. i missed this. plx do another one! :iconsadfaceplz:
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Shoot! I missed it. I have a really cool character too. I hope you do another one.
CrazyKatProductions's avatar
cant believe i missed it. DO ANOTHER PLZ.
collagal's avatar
Aww... I missed it... too bad, I think I have a cool OC!
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
I sent a note to the club yesterday and today while checking a different note I noticed that the little symbol next to my sent note was red. Does that mean it failed to send?
BlazeRocket's avatar
Sorry, which club did you send it to? The EOC got a note from you a little bit ago that we haven't responded to... but that's about it, I think?
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Yes that is the one I sent it too. I just wasn't sure because normally when it hasn't been checked the symbol is just yellow, so seeing a red one threw me off.
BlazeRocket's avatar
Yeah... I dunno why it's red ^_^; They mysteries of DA?
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
One of many I am sure. Hee, thanks, sorry for the trouble.
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My OC for the turnament is done^^
bio: [link]
page 1 [link]
page 2 [link]
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Great! For future comics in the tournament, please send them to me in a note. Thanks for our first hoodling. ALRIGHT! YAY!!! :D
MetaLatias5's avatar
thx and I never wrote a note before, but I'll try to figure out how that works^^
MetaLatias5's avatar
I'm done wh the bio :D
I'll draw the comic where she finds out about her powers and then upload it all at once^^
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W00t w00t! Remember to note the :iconevo-obsessed-club: if she's an X-Man and note :iconthebrotherhoodclub: if she's a hoodling!
MetaLatias5's avatar
note? do you mean telling the group that she's coming or do you mean submiting the bio and the comic to the group?
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Let me direct your attention to the section of the rules labeled "Phase 1 (How to enter)" and the number 5: Send links to the bio and to the comic in a note to the respective team you which to join. Note #Evo-Obsessed-Club for X-Men OCs and #TheBrotherhoodclub for Brotherhood OCs.

What this means is that when you finish your bio and comic, note the respective team with LINKS to your pieces so that Blaze or myself can find them, favorite them, and update the journal to include the entry in the contest. We don't watch all our members like they watch up and might not know when you've finished your entry. Noting us with links to the bio and comic lets us know we have an entry and makes it easier for us not to have to weed through your gallery to locate it. Make sense?

For more rules, go here: [link]
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ok, thx for explaining^^
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Sounds like a great contest! I'm re-working my old OC, Ian, just for it. He just sorta got forgotten, but I always had a soft spot for him. Can't wait to enter! :D
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Oooone more question I have been trying to figure out on my own. At the end of our intro comic, we do have to establish that they are going to the mansion/boarding house right? Or is it JUST how they got their powers and how they got to the schools is in phase 2/ just not talked about?
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You just establish their powers and when they manifested. You DO NOT mention/show them going to the mansion/boarding house. If you did, it might involve showing Brotherhoodians or X-Men and that's not what we want. We only want to see YOUR character in YOUR element getting their powers. Thanks!
Wondering-Antagonist's avatar
Alright! Thanks for that~
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