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Reason 58 Why They Broke Up

By rainrach
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Kurt will NEVER ask to borrow Kitty's chemistry book again.

Drawn for :iconjcrobin: who moved away from me. :(
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i willing to bet reason 1-57 and reasons 59-100 about half of those include lance hurting kurt
Linx8489's avatar
"im srry was this guy bothering you"
Naomi-Daos's avatar
Lol, a little overprotective.
ColorededFunk's avatar
lance did the right thing to do.
soffyaa's avatar
*laughs her ass off until she falls on the floor*
poor kurt!
Sascha90's avatar
That is a funny sound effect: BAP!
I feel sorry for Kurt, though.
WishfulVixen's avatar
Wah!! Lance wa baka baka BAKA-desu! DIE LANCE!!! *machine gun kick in his face*

sorry Kurt's my favorite character...-_-

nice drawing :clap:
Bring-Back-The-Noise's avatar
xDD Poor Kurt. Please tell me there are more Reasons. x3
Gaara-white-Jasmin's avatar
NOOOO! D8 Fight back Kurt, dammit!
MastersDaughter13's avatar
OH NO KURT!!! But i can't bring myself to hate Lance. This is great. I :love: Lance and Kitty together.
Nightcrawler459's avatar
Three letters: L O L .

This owns. Like hardcore. I wish I could reach into the computer, steal it, enlarge it, and hang it over my bed.

Awesomerifficosity, my friend.
RheaRain's avatar
This got me laughing so hard, I just had to go back and re-read it several times! XD So funny but poor Kurt.
zombiegiraffe's avatar
Aww poor kurt didnt stand a chance
BlazeRocket's avatar
I love that Lance just comes FLYING out of NOWHERE to punch Kurt in the BACK OF THE HEAD.

Plus, y'know, everything ELSE that is win and awesome about this. Poor Kurt's hand reaching up, the wonderful (horrific) soundeffects. Lance's "PUNCH AND CRUSH FIRST, questions..... maybe later u.u"

I lawled
Starrythursday's avatar
Poor Kurt! *picks him up and huggles him* Lance is so over protective! Wonderful comic
animatedG1's avatar
Some how...I can see this in an episode...and this is also why NC runs away from Lance with his tail between his legs.^-^Very funny by the way.
dragonC's avatar
Hahaha aww poor poor Kurt!!!:rofl:
twbasketcase's avatar
Holy shit, you win at life :rofl:
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