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Music Mayhem Contest

Finally! We're back with our newest contest picked out by our Senses Contest winner, :icondogsndragons:. She has chosen with her might and wisdom, the unexpected choice of...


Music is such a huge part of everyone's lives, right? And the Brotherhood is no exception! Why, just think about Toad and his very own rap and Lance with his persistent inexplicable guitar rifts. Yes, music is certainly is everywhere, so why not show your love of music and combine it with your love for the Brotherhood. This means just about anything goes! The Brotherhood in their own band...AKA the Band of Brotherhood? Go for it! Freddy Dukes as Freddie Mercury? Sounds like fun! Listening to music, playing music, dancing on giant music notes?! ROCK ON!! Any music related entry is music to my ears!

CLARIFICATION: We had a song-themed contest a few years back and I think it's important to note (HA) that although this is a music contest, we do NOT want to see the lyrics of a song plastered along the background of a character standing or sitting doing nothing music related. Even if they're listening to their iPods or something, no full song lyrics listed. SOME song lyrics, a portion or snippit of song lyrics are okay, but no FULL LYRICS. That's how we're going to justify this as a different contest. u.u


1.) New art only! There are already some established pictures of the Brotherhood like this but, although it's tempting, we'd rather see you guys go through the effort of actually doing some new art for us.

2.) Nothing over R. Simple enough, no NC-17 stuff, or too much violence. This is a clean club!

3.) Members of the Brotherhood MUST BE INCLUDED and be the FOCUS of the piece. Characters like Rogue, Tabby, Mystique, Magneto, and the X-Men can also be used as long as there is at least ONE of the main five. The five being: Lance, Todd, Freddy, Pietro, and Wanda.

4.) You can submit up to 3 pieces. 3 shall be the number of the submitting and the number of the submitting shall be three.

5.) No Non-Evo Characters This is "The Brotherhood Club" based on the X-Men: Evolution Brotherhood. We want X-Men: Evolution canon characters only. This means no comic canon characters (Pete Wisdom, Lorna, Dazzler, etc), nor any other comic or fandom characters, and NO OCs (original characters). EVO CANON CHARACTERS ONLY.

6.) Send a note to the Brotherhood club with a link to your entry! Since the BHC does not watch everyone we don't always know when there's a new entry. Please be courteous and remember this, we won't know you've submitted an entry unless you note us or leave a link on our main page. Then we'll favorite it and showcase it in our journal.

7.) Only Brotherhoodclub members can participate Want to participate but not a member? Join our mighty legion of baddies! Just click the "Join Our Group" option at the top of our main page.

8.) Any questions? Note :iconjcrobin: or :iconrainrach:

Contest begins: August 9th
Contest ends: September 9th

I don't mean to TOOT MY OWN HORN, but this is going to be a NOTE-worthy contest. I know that the rest of the STAFF and I think this contest will ROCK, and that's not just WHISTLING DIXIE! So make sure to TUNE in and SWING but for this drawing JAM! The Brotherhood...putting the "harm" in HARMONY.

This promo is a travesty. I do mean travesty. It's so horrible, it's a farce. I wanted to grind my hands into nubs after creating this piece. I had a really great idea but just SUCKED at drawing and did this...horror show instead.

In other news, I took the background from a Google search. Thank you Also, the BHood members are supposed to represent different types of music. Classical, Country, Pop, Rap, and Rock. I was going to make them all go against the grain and be a type of music they wouldn't like (see Wanda) but then the boys fought pretty damn hard to be something more akin to their personalities. Especially Lance. This is the second promo he's rocking out in. Second in a row. You skeezy sonuvabitch.

Dear G0d it's like staring into the soulless eyes of the beasts of hell.

Brotherhood belongs to Marvel.
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what's pietro? classical?
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pietro looks mighty fine
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Oh my god I got a great Idea, but I want my scanner to work!!!
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lance as a member of KISS rawks!
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They're all lookin' pretty flyyy. Ohh Lance, :giggle:
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No Dazzler?! But the call of disco is irresistable xD

I'm soooo pumped to enter this contest!!

(And boy, does Pietro look fine in that suit!!)
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You rock, Lance. In EVERY sense of the word. And Todd and his Flavor Flav clock. YES. :XD:

Fun contest idea! One last contest before SCAD? I think so. :)
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Oh how wonderfully this ties into my latest fics.... and oh the chaos forming in my mind *cue meniacle laughter* Love Lance in his KISS fashion.
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So much love for this. :XD:
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