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L.O.S.E.R.: Chapter 1 Page 2

By rainrach
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That's all for right now! L.O.S.E.R. is a very LONG story that :iconblazerocket: and myself will be working on-and-off on while we do...other stuff. We just wanted to get this in for the collaboration. I...don't expect it to win, as the first FIVE PAGES are pretty much fan characters. -____-; But, we at least added two pages of ONLY EVO CHARACTERS, right? Riiiiight? :D;;;

I'm exhausted and partially blind. ENJOY, if possible.

So. Not. Used. To digital bubbling....


Art: :iconblazerocket:
Story/Eventual Coloring: :iconrainrach:
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BreezyWez's avatar
So curious on wat happens next!!!
miraxterrik's avatar
uh, okay, Rain, I just left a comment on an other page of this, anyways, dont have to asnwer it, since i see it will turn out on the following pages. I cant wait:) You two should do more things together:)
princefala's avatar
In reacquainting myself with the fandom side of DA (being busy on my work account lately), I have just happened upon this comic you're working on . . .

HOLY CARP, YOU AND BLAZE ARE COLLABORATING! A Blaze/Rach effort is like . . . cookies and milk. Or fish and chips. Or, er . . . baby carrots and hummus? There, okay, I found a vegan one :P Either way, the point is, it's a match made in heaven and it shows. I've really enjoyed reading through the pages you've done thus far. Admittedly, the childbrith bit made me wince, but hoy, that's probably what it was supposed to do, eh?

And the bit at the end of this page made me grimace with sympathy. I empathise with Fred and Lance . . . The Absolute Seige which calls itself Upper School Maths. I've been there -_-

Can't wait to see more of Lance's origin! I trust (read: hope) more is on the way ^_^
Tabitha-Kittywitch's avatar
Okay. I am too lazy to comment on all of the pages... sorry. But I can sum up this comic in one word:


The art! The story! The LANCE!

The only way this could be more epic is if Lietro happened eventually. Hint, hint.

And, Rain, don't sell yourself short. This is GOOD WRITING. ANd Blaze's art is amazing, of course. But she's not the one being self-depricating. Take pride, dammit!
doppelgangergrl's avatar
yay! keep it up ^_^
HarpieKeket's avatar
And I shall wait patiently for the next pages of this dual-greatness jewel. Keep it up, you two! :heart: :)
bloodandwarwolf's avatar
lol, i love todd. :) you did his tounge action really well!!

this is a great comic, of course what else do i expect from you? :love:
BlazeRocket's avatar
MESSED UP NOTHING. I love how you covered my mistake in panel two with a bubble. SO EFFICIENT. XD LOVE IT.

For my part, I plan on working on LOSER as Rain scripts more pages. She's GOT the story, just not in Comic!Script style... and I am a demanding biotch like that. Let me assure you all: It is a righteously awesome story. Y'ALL DON'T EVEN KNOW. BUT I DO. :muwahaha: So you can expect more, interspersed with EE, club duties and the like.

I'm actually- really happy with this page, in particular. MANY OF YOU WHO FOLLOW ME KNOW THAT I AM NEVER HAPPY WITH MY SHIT EVER, SO THIS IS A BIG THING FOR ME. I am finally starting to get a hold on how to draw Toad... ABOUT TIME.

Nemhaine42's avatar
WAAAAAAAHH!! :eyepopping: I NEED to know what happens. What does the letter say!?!?!?! Just thinking about it is making me tear up. :tears:

I. MUST. KNOW. :turbopoke: Your story has already consumed my soul!

Blaze's drawing of a newborn was EPIC. Gross but EPIC.

Must... see... more... :crazy:
BlazeRocket's avatar
:giggle: "Gross but EPIC" describes MOST newborns, I think.

Next page: Rocks fall, everyone dies.


Or AM I? It is about Avalanche, after al.... BUM bum BUUMMMMMM! :evillaugh:
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