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In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

By rainrach
So goes the saying for March. Done for the X-Men: Evolution 2010 calendar. It's Evan and Ororo! Oooooo, ahhhhh. Evan drawings, so rare. Daffodils are March's flower and you know that temperamental weather...or made sense when I drew it.
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Wow, beautiful drawing :-)
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AWESOME! I love all the elements of March and Storm has always been my favorite X-man.
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squeal!Yes, Evan art is so rare and I don't understand it at all!:(
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Whoa, very nice. I think it depicts March perfectly, and your right, Evan drawings are so rare, especially ones where he's not spyking soemthing.
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Oh man, this is just awesome. And the title...brings back childhood memories (as does Evo, of course, lol). So very sentimental, all in all. :XD: lol Excellent, excellent work on the lighting & shading, as well as the poses. :) Nice to see some Evan & Ororo fanart.
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yay! evan is gonna get it!! :D lol great job! :love: i love the background and colors
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Has Robin told ya that I totally enjoy that calender? It hangs in my kitchen next to captain america!
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Ha, when I first got my calender, I was like 'Rach did Evan? Wow' I totally expected something Brotherhood :XD:

Bitchin' pic, btw. Love the lightning lion and Evan's chillness =D :)
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Never heard that saying but Evan's still gonna sting afterwards! :D :+fav:
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