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I'll Schmootz Ya In Yer Place

By rainrach
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For the :iconacolytes-base: contest, stereotypes. I couldn't resist Magneto as the Jewish father (this might be because of my OWN Jewish father...I relate >___>; ).

Now to Jewish guilt trip you:

You come and you look at the comic but you make no comment? For what did I do that you would not tell me you like, huh? I slaved for hours and hours for this, agonizing over every detail and you can't leave a simple comment to brighten my day? No, no! Don't bother! I don't mind. I'll sit here, alone, in the dark. No no, it's fine. I work for hours and still no comment no fav, no that's fine...that's just fine....

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Pietro's face in the last one XD
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Wow... just wow... LOL Magneto as a Father? Old man Magneto! That last part - "If you're so old why don't you get married already, huh?" GIF My Little Pony - Laugh Spam-in-a-Box: HAHAHA 
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I think that Peter and Magneto from xmen apocalypse would just stare at this and then speed walk away out of fear.
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lesser known but also cool Jewish comic book characters…
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This is so adorable and hilarious! I only wish Magneto were really this fretful, nagging sort of parent in canon, lol. I think Pietro would secretly cherish the hovering/attention! :P
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This. Freaking this. This is one of the funniest X-Men comics I've ever come across. XD
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it would've made him so much better if they showed something like this XD
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I'm so glad someone finally took advantage of the Jewish stereotype for Magneto. I can see this so easily...poor Pietro. Tis a shame we can't pick our parents.
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Great, you guilt tripped me... lol XD
Well, I really do love this! Erik's so old... he could be Pietro's grandfather :D And Pietro just thinks he's embarassing
I love this, so I faved it XD
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I love this, it's perfect XD Very accurate
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I still love this comic.
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And now I want to see a whole short story of Magneto the Jewish Father. Interesting...

Anyway, great work on this one! I like your art style.
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This is a great comic I love how you made magneto! Keep up the awesome work!!
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
I read all that in Jerry Lewis' voice. X3
Ya Magneto the loving father, LOL.
High-siss's avatar
oh my god this is too cute!
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I favorited this back in 08 and I still love it XD LOL
RoseAnDarkholm's avatar
i wish they wouldve done something like this in the show
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Poor Pietro XD- Well at least it wasn't the hair. I wonder what he's reaction would be to that :) 
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this is pretty funny.
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